Benedict Roff-Marsh

Palais Matinee

Palais Matinee is about the early Classic era of movies. How enthralled audiences were to go to matinee movies where they could be whisked from their daily lives into stories of Egyptian Mummies, Cowboys, Detectives…

We start the album with a rather lackluster pre-show performance from the local pit orchestra. It is a shame that the proprietor of the Palais doesn’t keep his piano in-tune. The pit orchestra is on its way out anyway with stereophonic sound & earthquake speakers on their way.

Compositionally I very freely mixed synthesis & orchestral samples. It is often hard to tell what is what. A couple of the cuts started life as scores for film scenes.

The movie was made after all the tracks were finished and the album running order set. People say I should release each track separately. I could (and did for Sketches to no extra gain) but I so love the album format. Also a kind of meta-story wove itself into the “movie” so I didn’t really want that chopped up.

As always, if you enjoy the music, please support me over at Bandcamp as this is the only way I make an income these days.

full album movie

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