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I know that if you are looking at me to help you Produce your music, you want to hear something I did. That is not always easy, sure I can point at my Discography but maybe that is not your style so you don’t hear what you want if you write Metal or Country.

Genre is not my metric. To me mixing Metal, Pop or Country is not really that different. Music is all about the story. Too many people work only to the cliches but the downside is a raft of records with no real personality once you get past the first shiny minute or so. These records then struggle to sell (let alone go viral) because they are not unique enough to differentiate from every other formula record. Let me help you create your own unique sound & style.

Let me help you create your own unique sound & style

Podcasts 2018

Lately, I have been mixing podcasts for people. I first did this sort of work back in the early 90’s. Only we called them Sales Tapes back then and they were recorded on cassettes. Mostly these are commercial works so not a lot to show as they live behind paywalls. Dr. Tracy Riley has very kindly let me share a fragment with you:

“I have been working with Benedict for several months now. I came to him, completely brand new, having never recorded before. He took the time time to explain to me how to use a recording program, how to finesse the equipment, as well as how to work my voice during the recording. Then, he worked his magic so well, that I actually like the sound of my voice on my recordings. I can’t say enough about the patience he continues to show me. He’s honest with me, as well. If something doesn’t sound right, he won’t take my money–he will tell me straight up to re-record it and do it differently. He wants me to be as successful as I can be! I can’t say enough positive things about his talents, his integrity, and his genuine ability to help others. I am incredibly thrilled to have found him, and I will never use anyone else!”

Dr. Tracy Riley, LCSW

Music Software Articles 2018

Sadly I can’t show the actual articles as they were ghost writing but I can share the feedback.

“Benedict was a real pleasure to work with. Not only did he produce articles that were accurate, he knew the subject that he was writing about, which is great in a writer. Also his writing style fit well with what I needed, and as able to follow the instructions provided very well. Would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for good article writing.”

Brothers of Charity MusicBocs 2015

This was a superb project that fell in my lap. I know Adam from the British Brothers of Charity MusicBocs program which is all about helping people with different abilities to have meaning and engagement in their everyday lives. In this instance, Adam took people through making a song. I came in as the chosen song needed to be mixed in a hurry to go on BBC Radio Lancashire. I took one listen and had to do it. While the vocal needs the full force of AutoTune to make it presentable it immediately struck me that the delivery of the lyric for “Evergreen” was so touching. The singer, Lee, has Cerebral Palsy & Deafness but he delivers a feel that I don’t think the original singer got anywhere near. “Stay Another Day” was always the backup but I mixed it anyway as Damien & Neil deserved to hear their work presented too.

Here’s the funny thing, I didn’t recognize either of these songs so I really got to mix them for what I had in front of me and not be influenced by other versions. It was only afterward I really started to think these songs were probably covers. With some YouTubing I found “Evergreen” to be a Westlife song and “Stay Another Day” from East 17 – I do recall this one after I saw that video ;-). I’ll never forget this project.

edencane – Promotional Material for new album 2015

edencane new Website
intended new website

I met edencane online when I purchased his first album “Men In Light”. He approached me as he wanted his second album to get better presentation and market exposure than the first. While I can’t promise sales, I knew I could definitely help with the strategy of what is needed to cover all the marketing basics like Websites, Facebook, choosing Singles, Video for YouTube and all the little things that are so easily missed (along with opportunity). This project didn’t complete as for some reason edencane suddenly decided to go completely against most of my advice just as his album was all but done and I wasn’t involved anymore. I learned through this (and the next project) to very careful with quid pro quo projects.

Last Alternative “I Love Everyone Except Me” 2015

I already knew Jace through a Forum. I had always kept an eye on him as I knew there was talent there. His style is Post-Rock, early tracks were quite Nirvana. Not really my thing but I could feel the sense of story there. I had commonly offered criticism & advice. When he started to talk about there being a record I knew it could be something important, I wanted in. He was presenting us songs he was working with. This song was presented and I could hear there was a great song in there but it was covered in layers of distortion and other tricks to make it seem more modern & brutal. I thought the brutal truth of the song lay in laying it bare. I put my case forward and Jace offered the file over the internet. I made a new mix, only using, content that was sent: I dropped drums and all of the distortions and mixed from the (admittedly wobbly) vocal up. Out came a really powerful song that almost sounds like it could go on an REM record. A few hours later I posted the mix below and in 2 days I was under contract to make the record. Sadly Jace became more erratic and after hanging on for a few years, the album didn’t ever get finished and I had to step away.

Unrepentant – Short Film Score 2010

Wildsound 2011 Music Award

I picked this up from an advert. I loved every minute of it and I guess that showed because I won a “Best Music Score” at WildSound 2011. Baddie (Todd Levi) is wonderfully solid. He’s been an extra on classic Aussie dramas like “Cop Shop”. Unrepentant on IMDB

Here’s the whole film:

I worked on a few other short films around this time but I don’t think any ever made it off VHS so I can’t show them. I recall one was fun, with a few nice moments like getting to make a man appear to dance with his car as he tried to make it start.

Sound Design 2007 – Present

Sound design work lives on this page in the Instrument History Gallery

Websites & Web Content Writing

It is very much my opinion that a thing should not be judged by how it looks so much as how it performs. To me, a website is a sales tool and while nice looking does help, building sales are its job and if it does it well it becomes beautiful from its functionality.

If you haven’t already realized, I built & maintain this site. It is on the WordPress platform and I have had no dramas. Before that, I used several platforms (incl. hand code in HTML & CSS) as far back as 1998 but WordPress wins my vote every time now.

Unigon Plane Websites 2018


Unigon Plane currently has two sites, one is for music reviews and is also on the WordPress platform. We deliver reviews for Independent musicians & authors on a weekly basis.

The other website is for our Collector’s Edition media player with an improved way of navigating your collection based on user-defined Crates. Currently in development. All the screen mockups were designed & created in Inkscape. The website was developed in Mobirise as it is great for such small sites and the one-page paradigm.

Unigon Plane Music Reviews: www.unigonplane.wordpress.com
Collector’s Edition: www.unigonplane.com

Intracept Technology Website & Article Writing 2018

Intracept Website

Jane of Intracept Technology may be my partner and I may do work with & for her but it doesn’t diminish that I made this site and wrote all the content. This is a Mobirise build as it is a simple site with only a few pages and benefits from the modern look.

Brisbane Proton Websites 2002 – 2007

There were a few iterations of this website. The first I build entirely by hand using Netscape Navigator and Tables. It was always ugly but it worked. Furthermore, the distributor talked about this site at a sales training meeting as a good example of how to do it. They also took my method of showing the different model equipment levels side by side so it was easy to see what goodies the extra dollars delivered.

The later version of the site was a Content Management Platform (which I later worked for) and we rolled out a suite of sites that covered the cars and several caravan brands. I built unique content for this incl. photos & floorplans and it wasn’t long before our competitors were stealing my content to use on their sites. Angrifying but proof I was doing it right. Even better the salesmen loved it when customers turned up with printouts of the pages for a car or caravan and had all their questions lined up, ready to go. The caravan distributers even started picking my brain on how to market their brand online.

These images are courtesy of the Wayback machine website so some elements are missing. The blue ribbon would run across the screen and stick itself on the award plaque so you couldn’t miss it – probably wouldn’t do it now but Flash was all the rage back then.

Dangerfield Sound & Lighting – DJ Dangerfield – 1999

DS&L Website

I all but ran Tony Dangerfield’s show for him for a while and that included us taking the plunge to go online. I built this site entirely in Netscape Navigator on Tables. It was a very content heavy site where our competitors were all doing “business card” sites. This definitely helped with sales as while we still often had to send out printed material, sales also happened faster and even developed themselves over the website.

Looking back now it is very ugly but back then a website was about the content. Later adjustments by others did some damage but this site is still live as at October 2018. That is almost a record in itself when most sites are removed after a few years. Most people would probably hide this site in shame but for the time this was a very tidy site and that it improved sales means I did a good job. I refuse to be ashamed of past work.