I know that if you are looking at me to help you Produce your music you want to hear something I did. That is not always easy, sure I can point at my compositions but maybe that is not your style so you don’t hear what you want:

Brothers of Charity MusicBocs

This was a superb project that fell in my lap. I know Adam from the British Brothers of Charity MusicBocs program which is all about helping people with different abilities to have meaning and engagement in their everyday lives. In this instance Adam took people through making a song. I came in as the chosen song needed to be mixed in a hurry to go on BBC Radio Lancashire. I took one listen and had to do it. While the vocal needs the full force of AutoTune to make it presentable it immediately struck me that the delivery of the lyric for “Evergreen” was so touching. The singer Lee has Cerebral Palsy and Deafness but he delivers a feel that I don’t think the original singer got anywhere near. “Stay Another Day” was always the backup but I mixed it anyway as Damien & Neil deserved to hear their work presented too.

Here’s the funny thing, I didn’t know (or recognize) either of these songs so I really got to mix them for what I had in front of me and not be influenced by other versions. It was only afterwards I really started to think these songs were probably covers. With some YouTubing I found “Evergreen” to be a Westlife song and “Stay Another Day” from East 17 – I do recall this one after I saw that video ;-).

– – –

edencane – Work In Progress

edencane new Website

edencane – new website

I met edencane online when I purchased his first album “Men In Light”. He approached me as he wanted his second album to get better presentation and market exposure than the first. While I can’t promise sales, I knew I could definitely help with the strategy of what is needed to cover all the marketing basics like Websites, Facebook, choosing Singles, Video for YouTube and all the little things that are so easily missed (along with opportunity). This project is still underway but I have created a new website on WordPress and made the styling of Bandcamp match. The first album has a new cover (which incidentally resulted in a sale instantly). And the first single from the new album isn’t far off.

– – –

Last Alternative “I Love Everyone Except Me”

I already knew Jace through a Forum. I have always kept an eye on him as I knew there was talent there. His style is Post-Rock, early tracks were quite Nirvana. Not really my thing but I could feel the sense of story there. I had commonly offered criticism and advice. When he started to talk about there being a record I knew it was going to be something important, I wanted in. He was presenting us songs he was working with. This song was presented and I could hear there was a great song in there but it was covered in layers of distortion and other tricks to make it seem more modern and brutal. I thought the brutal truth of the song lay in making it bare. I put my case forward and Jace offered the file over the internet. I made a new mix, only using, content that was sent: I dropped drums and all of the distortions and mixed from the (admittedly wobbly) vocal up. Out came a really powerful song that almost sounds like it could go on an REM record. A few hours later I posted the mix below and in 2 days I was under contract to make the record.


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