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Toccata & Fugue in D Minor – Bach It was 50 years ago today (well almost) Wendy Carlos released what was to be for ages the best selling Classical record of all time called "Switched-On Bach". For a while, it was even outselling The Beatles! The Moog Modular was in its infancy. Wendy was pals with Bob Moog and they traded ideas… Continue reading Toccata & Fugue in D Minor – Bach

Unmade Movies
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Unmade Movies

Unmade Movies: music that represents movies that don't exist is me flexing my melodic & descriptive muscles again. Each piece attempts to describe the sort of score (soundtrack) I might write for this sort of movie. Not managing to get any commissions to make real movie soundtracks lately I have to do the next best thing… Continue reading Unmade Movies

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Music Theory Simplified (and cheated)

This article is really a holder for a series of videos on simplified musical theory as I compose a piece of music.¬†What I set out to do in this series is to compose a piece of music whilst taking time to explain what I am doing and why. This won't be a set of 5… Continue reading Music Theory Simplified (and cheated)


Space Case – supporting stuff

This page contains supporting material for the Space Case Collection of Instruments & Effects (VST). I considered putting it all on the main page but there is enough there already so it would simply have become a horrid mess. This page won't look much better but it is supporting material like videos and a free… Continue reading Space Case – supporting stuff

Space Case
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Space Case – Album + VST Collection

"Space Case" is the name both of the album and a collection of Instruments & Effects in the VST format designed to behave as the core components in a Space music studio. More on that bit later, music first. The "Case" tracks were all composed 100% with the instruments & effects units of the Space Case… Continue reading Space Case – Album + VST Collection

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An Unpaid Update – Money & the Muso

Hi Buddy I hear you wanna be a Rock Star? Congrats but may I suggest that you take up digging holes, prostitution, being a mercenary or even a crash test dummy. These are professions in which you will get paid. Love Benedict I would like to look at a few of the issues around making… Continue reading An Unpaid Update – Money & the Muso

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Avoiding Avoidance – getting on with things

Do you find that you avoid making music? I have spoken about this concern a time or two before but it has always been a bit more abstract, about the thinking and not so much the doing. This time I will try to be more practical in my look at the dilemma and possible solutions.… Continue reading Avoiding Avoidance – getting on with things

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Are You Making Music, or Are You Making A Noise?

Until only a few years ago if you wanted to represent the concept of music visually, you used something like a graphic of notes and a wavey line. It worked well because it actually represents the flow of notes (story) in music over time. Nowadays¬†music is commonly represented with a Soundcloud "worm". This may not… Continue reading Are You Making Music, or Are You Making A Noise?

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Rock Is Dead – We Killed It Ourselves

This is a companion article and video. Each is a bit different. The article is a lot tighter, and the video is a lot looser*. Tighter Since dawn of the industrial age, tighter has been the goal. A tighter system, with less slack. Tighter connection with customers. Even plastic surgeons deliver tighter skin. No… Continue reading Rock Is Dead – We Killed It Ourselves

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Communication – Building or Destroying?

Your job as an Artist is to communicate. So you just want to make a quick noise and become famous, with everyone falling over themselves to view your sex tape on YouTube? That ain't art it is self-aggrandizement. Sure, it is a thing that many Rock & Pop musicians indulge in a bit to appear… Continue reading Communication – Building or Destroying?