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Why Better Sounds won’t help make Better Music – the Mistaken Strategy

Art is not made from having the right sounds or paints but from getting the right feeling on the page.

Benedict Roff-Marsh


– “Bought it! This is really good. Perfect relax & reflect music. Thanks, Benedict” Torusflow The Stepper Story Evolution This story sort-of evolved backwards. I started with the outcome and then filled in the way there. Here’s how it all came to be: The Star-Stepper always looked like Rod Stewart on the cover of “Atlantic… Continue reading Star-Stepper


Warm Meadows of Synthesizer Sounds Warm Meadows of Synthesizer Sounds is a collection of 256 hand-crafted sounds for help in creating warm & full mixes. This collection is not genre-specific. If you are looking for sounds that you can use in your tracks for layering, countermelodies and the like, W-MOSS is for you. PRICE: US… Continue reading Instruments

History Gallery

Apart from my own music I have made instruments for myself and helped others do the same with Sound Design (patch making) , advice and general Beta Testing. Space Case VSTs Space Case is a collection of VSTs with Reason in mind. They sort-of pick up where the original SynthStudio Packs left off, only with… Continue reading History Gallery