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Why Better Sounds won’t help make Better Music – the Mistaken Strategy

Art is not made from having the right sounds or paints but from getting the right feeling on the page.

Benedict Roff-Marsh


– “Bought it! This is really good. Perfect relax & reflect music. Thanks, Benedict” Torusflow The Stepper Story Evolution This story sort-of evolved backwards. I started with the outcome and then filled in the way there. Here’s how it all came to be: The Star-Stepper always looked like Rod Stewart on the cover of “Atlantic… Continue reading Star-Stepper


Space Case Space Case is a collection of Instruments & Effects that form the core devices needed in any synth studio, especially one focused on pure Electronic Music styles like Space Music, Berlin School, Ambient etc. The devices are made in SynthEdit and exported as VST for the Windows PC platform and particularly Propellerheads Reason… Continue reading Instruments

History Gallery

Apart from my own music I have made instruments for myself and helped others do the same with Sound Design (patch making) , advice and general Beta Testing. Space Case VSTs Space Case is a collection of VSTs with Reason in mind. They sort-of pick up where the original SynthStudio Packs left off, only with… Continue reading History Gallery