The Indie Musician’s Guidebook

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The Indie Musician's Guidebook
The Indie Musician’s Guidebook

The Indie Musician’s Guidebook: A guide to understanding the mindset you need to be able to achieve your most important goals as an independent musician in the modern world.

600+ pages

The Problem

There is a lot of material out there trying to tell you how to get famous:

  • all for the low low price of your email address.
  • in 5-minute Tutorials that claim to condense vasts tracts of human understanding into a tiny (heavily edited) video.

Sadly that is a fib. No one can promise you success, especially if they haven’t sat down with you and your music. There are no short cuts, you can see that these people can’t even present their material without umming & flubbing every few seconds.

As a result, talented people stay stuck in the wastelands for far longer than they need to and get disheartened . Music is a hard enough road as it is without so many of the bits of support that you are offered turning out to be false.

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The Indie Musician’s Guidebook

The Solution – The Indie Musician’s Guidebook

I have taken the articles I have written over the last 10 years and condensed them into a book along with new and updated material. Don’t expect:

  • email addresses of industry execs – who will throw your mp3 in the bin
  • secret device settings – for plugins you don’t own
  • formula mix settings – that don’t apply to your songs
  • genre specific tricks – that are now passe
  • strategies for playlists that are played out – so you can’t win anyway

What you can expect in The Indie Musician’s Guidebook:

  • deep understanding of what you need to do put yourself in the right place for success
  • the psychology of what moves music lovers (and even casual audiences)
  • advice on how to present yourself & your material
  • how to build material for the long term
  • advice on how to approach mixing
  • advice on money & freelancing
  • a simple, solid, formula for how to negotiate
  • how to release an album
  • interviews with a few real Indie acts
  • there are even a lot of pointers on what holes not to fall into
  • 600+ pages – with pictures even!

I figure if you want to hear more from me then you’ll Follow to me here (there’s a button on the right there). I also figure that if you want to talk to me you will go to my Contact Page here or come see me over at Facebook where you can even strike up a personal conversation via Messenger.

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Purchase The Indie Musician’s Guidebook:

The Indie Musician's Guidebook
The Indie Musician’s Guidebook

 The Indie Musician’s Guidebook will soon be available through Amazon for $39.95

After a while, I hope to be accepted into the Kindle Unlimited program so that in effect makes the book free for subscribers of that service. You don’t need a Kindle device to join and/or read this book as they have a nice App that runs on Android etc.