Freelance Composer of Electronic Music

I am a multi-award winning Film Composer. I would be delighted to talk with you about bringing life into your production with music.


my Discography contains my personal compositions

2020 Trailer Music: Sonuscore Elysion Trailer Scoring Competition

used with permission

This is a competition entry I am very pleased with. It is hard to get film of this quality to work against so I grabbed the chance. I own Sonuscore “The Orchestra” but had to imagine what I might want Elysion to sound like. For the curious I used Thor Europa & Parsec for the second part.

2020 – Puzzle Tiles & Seaside Day

Puzzle Tiles

After S.P.A.C.E. Force, Aesc asked me to score for his addictive Puzzle Tiles game. He sent over a pre-release version. I spent a bit of time getting a feel and set straight to putting that feel into music. The idea was that the the track sits in the background and feels calm whilst you puzzle away.

Seaside Day

In-between projects (Puzzle Tiles for Aesc, Isabel, and some films that need edits) I watched Guy’s video and it seemed that it would be interesting to score the same piece of film myself and post it back to him. I did it really quickly to keep the vibe. Hopefully Guy appreciates the compliment.

2019 – S.P.A.C.E. Force

My first official credit as a Game Composer. The game is called “S.P.A.C.E. Force” by Aesc. The player has to save the kittens from the evil foxes (all in spaceships of course). I wrote all the music & sounds. It was part of a Game Jam so everything was done in a few days. We came #1 with close to 5/5 scores.

I know Benedict as we are both members of the Discord server After I wrote a post seeking team members for a game jam he swiftly accepted. We discussed music for the game for a bit and after a few days it was already done. This music was higher quality than anything I could have produced, and was done so quickly it allowed us (the programmers) to implement many more features. At this point Benedict stepped up offering to do the sounds too! Working with him has been excellent, his communication could not be more clear. He was able to shape my music-noob speak into amazing music and sounds. This was a great experience and I would happily work with him again.

S.P.A.C.E. Force 1st Place win
S.P.A.C.E. Force 1st Place win

2019 – Le B-Boy

This was for a community event. We were only allowed to use instruments from Spitfire Audio and I only have a few scraps (instead of whole packs) that didn’t immediately suggest a workable score. But the animation from Kate Isobel Scott was so tempting. It took about half a day and I am proud of it.

2019 – Train With Jane

Jane needed a quick video to help identify herself & her offering. While she wanted everything to look very simple & natural, she also wanted to have all the elements with logos & music. I was able to do it all for her. Custom music delivers a much better fit than random library music. It cost her very little as I will turn this into an album track.

2019 – Out Of The Box

Out Of The Box – whole film

Animated short with a brief of an electronic score with elements of Chiptune and ’80s feel. I composed three main parts; intro, body & end credits.

Very seldom do creatives come together and not butt heads at least once when sharing and collaborating on a project they are both passionate about. Benedict has been one of the most patient, skilled and professional individuals I’ve come in contact with. Not only did he take time in understanding my concept, but was also extremely patient and communicative with the entire project, meeting every deadline and being open to constructive criticism. I’ve learned a ton working with him, and would recommend anyone at any point in their career to collaborate and be open with their ideas. Thank you so much, Benedict!

Malachi James Moore – Prophet Productions

2010 – Unrepentant

“Best Music Score” WildSound 2011, “Distinctive Achievement in Sound Design” Wild Rose Independent Film Festival 2010.

An interesting story well played by an actor who had a string of credits from stalwart Aussie shows like “Cop Shop”.

I actually had the main themes laid out from the script alone, before I even saw an edit.

I was really delighted to get the Best Music Score award as this was confirmation that I had done the right job for the film.


2000 – Short Films – these were both first films from the Directors. Basil (27th) ran an advert and was very nice to work with. Alan (The Extra-ordinaries of Food) I didn’t meet as the whole thing was set up by the First Film people who saw my work on 27th; it was still a fun project.

Hire me for your Project

A Great Job - Quality Options
A Great Job – Quality Options

If you are interested in working with me on your project, please fill in the form below.

Sometimes I put some surplus parts on Pond5. There may be something of mine there you like. To be honest, by the time you pay their fees, you might as well get something written directly to your vision. I also run some cheapie Gigs on Fiverr but remember that for every bit you shave off, you lose at least twice that amount in Greatness for your project. If it’s about affordability for your situation, talk to me. Maybe there is something else of value you can return to me.

Info here on music licensing and hiring a composer.

For a larger project, or a more personal approach, please fill in the form below completely so I can see you, your project, and budget. This helps me to know if I can see myself in the work and what sort of costs will be required. The clearer your Brief/Spec the better the results will be.

These are samples of the sorts of styles I can cover.

Orchestral Soundtrack Demo

All very dramatic: elves, dinosaurs, men in Lycra power suits, and CGI’d New Zealand scenery kinda stuff. Mostly Orchestral sounds with a few synths.

Corporate Music Demo

Corporate music is a style written especially for business videos. It is deliberately upbeat, positive & safe which tends to make it less than wonderful listening.

Meditation Demo

Ambient styles form a large part of my approach to music. In movies I often combine music and some Foley sound design aspects. I can also include Binaural Beats if needed.

Chiptune Demo

This piece starts in a pretty hard-core 1980 Arcade chip space, taking all the limits of the Z80 chip into account. Each section softens that a bit with the advances of technology.