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Obviously, that can become a bit more complex and mixed up than a simple list. The more we talk about your project and really get inside the story of your music, film, or game the easier it is to understand how we will proceed.


Wildsound 2011 Best Music Score Award

One of the first questions people always ask is “how much will this cost?” which is impossible to answer before there is enough information or understanding between us.

I deliver Outcomes. I price for the completed project based on the information given at the start. The more I know about your project, the better I can price for you. Let me know:

  • Who you are – your business, website etc?
  • Project overview – the big picture of the project; your aims, and why it is special?
  • Publication – where, when, how? What are the commercial expectations?
  • Promotion – what will be done to promote this work and where?
  • What you need done to build the story of the project – what, where, when you need me to deliver?
  • What you are offering me to get this done?
A Great Job - Quality Options

This approach allows me to a) be flexible, b) be focused on what matters, delivering Great work. If you haven’t done all of this before, I am happy to help you build the Brief. I will ask the questions I need to be answered.

My current base rate is $50 per hour.

Audio Program work (Podcast etc) is generally calculated based on program length. The metric is: Raw Audio Time x 4 @$25ph. Example 15 mins of audio = $25. It may be less if there is less work to do in de-“umming” etc, but this is a safe metric for making the most of a program.

It could be more, it could be less, but we won’t know until there is a Brief. Let’s build a brief…

Here are some simple examples of mix pricing for One (1) Song:


Stereo Master of 1 Song from your stereo mixdown
ready for publication on Bandcamp, YouTube etc.
16/44 CD Quality (not suited for vinyl pressing).


Cave Eats: this pricing does not include Vocal Tuning or any other form of Editing (usual plosives etc are covered in mixing). This pricing also assumes that Stems and other materiel required are provided in good order. Albums & EPs are priced by consultation.

  • If you want to sit with me during your mix, that is great. We normally work in 2-4 hour sessions with as many sessions as needed to get the right result. You may ask Q and I will explain what I am doing and why.
  • If you want quick advice to help you with your own song production I can assist you through this service.

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