Freelance & Pricing

This page covers what I can do for you and how we go about doing it. I am a professional. This doesn’t mean that you have to be one already, but it does mean that you need to behave as one. That is pretty easy, be open and let me guide you. When I ask a question, give a full answer – if you cut corners, I have to lose interest.

What I can do for you

Obviously that can become a bit more complex and mixed up than a simple list. The more we talk about your project and really get inside what the story of your music, film or game the easier it is to understand how we will proceed.


Wildsound 2011 Best Music Score Award
Wildsound 2011 Best Music Score Award

One of the first questions people always ask is “how much will this cost?” which is impossible to answer before there is enough information or understanding between us.

I deliver Outcomes. I price for the completed project based on the information given at the start. The more I know about your project, the better I can price for you as there are less unknowns. I am not a parking lot so I don’t bill by the number of minutes you are in my space. I price on what the project is about overall and what I will deliver so tell me everything like:

  • Who you are – your business, website etc?
  • Project overview – the big picture of the project; your aims, why it is special?
  • Publication – where, when, how? What are the commercial expectations?
  • Promotion – what will be done to promote this work and where?
  • What you need done to build the story of the project – what, where, when on whatever you need me to deliver?
  • What you are offering me to get this done?

If you haven’t done all of this before, I am happy to help you build the Brief. I will ask the questions I need answered.

A Great Job - Quality Options
A Great Job – Quality Options

This approach allows me to a) be flexible, b) be focused on what matters, delivering Great work.

I know there are people who are still saying, but how much will it cost? Ok, so you didn’t read anything above. My current base rate is $55 per hour. The average 2-5 minute piece uses at least 10 hours to Compose, Mix + Master so $550. If you want to strip my Credits (Ghost Work) then we’ll double that to $1,100. If you want Total Ownership triple it to $1,650 as I’ll never gain any value from that work ever again (seeing it can’t even be shown in my portfolio). Peanuts if you are making a killing off of what I delivered to you.

Some simple Mix work I will do for $25 ph. If it is nice tidy material with under 5 Tracks/Stems, the First Mix can be as little as $75. This will be a pretty thin & fast experience though with minimal time spent on discussing anything. To do things with the depth that they probably deserve we need to start at $550.

It could be more, it could be less, but we won’t know until there is a Brief. Let’s build a brief…

This form will help you get started. I prefer not to hear how you are trying to clone someone else’s song/film/game.

my Portfolio is here


Florence Film Award - Best Super Short Film July 2019
Florence Film Award – Best Super Short Film July 2019

Why should I choose you?: Oh geez, that is on you not me. You have chosen to come to my site and read this far so I guess there is something about me, my style and my work that you like. Talk to me if there is something else you need to understand. Oh and if you haven’t noticed, I have awards against a very high proportion of my work which proves that I help make projects shine.

Why does this cost money?: As a freelancer I have commitments; or let me put it this way, I have a family to feed. For every hour I work or bill, I have to cover the time it takes to do the work as well as find your job, win it, understand the needs, deliver it to you, do revisions and then the accounting. Here in Oz, I need to pay someone at least $25ph to dig a hole in my backyard. The work I do for you is far more skilled.

Audio Program

Will you be doing free demo work for me?: I have a huge discography of my own material as well as public work and my Mix Walkthrough series. There should be plenty in there to help you see what I can do. Oh and without trying to sound arrogant, did you see the awards I have? They prove that I can bring it if you let me. You are always welcome to show me your material and ask if I think I can help. I will be honest about probable outcomes.

What if I don’t trust you yet?: Talk to me. Really, yes, have a conversation where you let me know you and I will let you know me. If you don’t believe that what I say will hold once I start work then hire my loss leader job which is a bit of fun as I do a Space Music cover of something of yours. You get something amusing to show fans and get to know what it is like to actually work together.

How & when do I pay you?: All work will require payment before I do any work (including discussing plans to solve technical issues). Payment will be Pay Pal unless you want to use an intermediary like AirGigs or Upwork – remember there may be extra fees to cover theirs.

Who owns the work, is it Royalty Free?: I do. Unless we agree otherwise, all music I compose is owned by me. We agree on a usage license at the start. Owning everything is not common in the professional world. If you really want to own it lock stock & many smoking barrels, let me know at the very start, and expect to increase your budget.

What about Revisions: Revisions are a fact of life but must be kept reasonable. I will commonly be ok with one to two (1-2) clear & simple revisions. While I want every project to go super-well, I have quoted based on your Brief + Conversation and made my price attractive. This doesn’t allow for endless reworking. If you want a let’s see what will happen if we do this approach, we can switch to an open-ended pricing model which will be you buying a block of time at a set rate.

How about Collaborations?: In the right situation, I really enjoy doing collaborations. I have learned that there need to be some rules to make it work out. I will need to get a proposal from you (unless I approached you as I will have done my research). I need you to show me your past work, your website etc, and how solidly you back your own work. What I need to know is that you will promote this project and not just dump it the moment your bit is off your desk. As a general rule I will put the album on my Bandcamp with your name first and share net revenue 50:50.

How to Get The Best From Me & Your Job

I am very passionate about the things I do. If I don’t feel a spark in a project I will decline. I am also a fairly direct person. Both of these traits are common in Aspies.

The clearer your Brief (detailed job description) the easier it is for me to see myself in it and to quote well. Well organized materials like all the files in one Zip Folder helps me be more efficient as I don’t have to find things all over the place and arrange them myself. Keeping feedback clear and positive helps me to find what you want done and stay positive about your job.

Sometimes things go square. I know this. We all do. If it feels like that to you, please don’t SHOUT at me. It won’t help me to be engaged as it will make me want to dump you. I know you may think, in the heat of the moment, that is the only way but very often it is a small thing, a misunderstanding as you thought I said one thing as I was trying to convey another. Ask me directly, “Hey Benedict (as I do like my whole name) when you said XXX, what did you mean? I was concerned you meant YYY. Can we find a solution here :-)”. The smilie-face reminds me that you still prefer a nice outcome with me on-board. I always want your project to complete and complete well.

I’m Here for the Long Term

It is my hope to develop long-term relationships with people. It is less effort for all. Trust is an amazing thing in business & creative relationships. Trust allows creativity to open doors that are less likely when there is fear.