I am Benedict Roff-Marsh. I am a Record Producer serving people who want what I do. My clients want to tell their Stories. In working with me, clients gain confidence and success. I help people get their work into the world for those who need to hear it.

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My Mixing Studio is on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia. This is where I Mix & Master and Compose. I take local students in my studio. I work locally and over the internet.

My job is to help you tell your story.

I can do that by Mixing your tracks or helping you develop your material as a Teacher or Record Producer. I can Compose Music for your film, game etc.

I am a Finisher, let me help you Finish & Publish your work.

Jake Cropley

I can absolutely recommend Benedict for his ability to not only mix, but to serve the song and artist at every level from idea to finished product. Hiring Benedict is what took me from dreaming about releasing music to getting the result I wanted and having the confidence to get out there. If you’re looking for someone to help take your music to the next level and show you where you can improve to reach your goal, Benedict is the man for the job!

Jake Cropley


Although I have spent money on various mixing courses I feel like you have a different approach that seems to work well and makes me think differently about some of the more traditional(?) advice being pushed out there.


Recent Releases – My Personal Music

  • Blurred Hands
    Blurred Hands became the album name because in many ways the concept of this record was always blurred. Initially, I thought of each track being a putting together of things … Continue reading Blurred Hands
  • Half Cubed
    Half 3 is a slightly experimental album with some similar traits to things I have done before. The album is presented in a sequenced format so you get one track … Continue reading Half Cubed
  • Heart at Sea
    Heart at Sea is New Age Sleep Music. Therefore please play it softly and don’t go expecting drums, rousing choruses, or MIDI orchestras hammering away. The progression of tracks is … Continue reading Heart at Sea