The world needs more music of depth, purpose, and subtle beauty, and you do that wonderfully.
Prof Stephen Weber

I have a few lighthearted cover versions here

YearArtistAlbum Name
2023BRMMaster The Skies
BRMMeasured Spaces II
BRMTarot II: the numbered journey
Jake CropleySong Catcher – Record Producer, Mix & Master, Cover Art
BRMPhases I-IV
BRMPrayers for those in the Vale of Tears
BRMBlurred Hands
2022BRMHalf 3
Naked HeadNaked Nation – Album Mix & Master, additional Production
BRMHeart at Sea
BRMThe Eternal Eternity of Mechanism
BRMMidsummer Night Dancers
BRMBeauty of the Darkness
BRMRed Roofs & Wishes
Jake CropleyFalling Down In Love Album – Record Producer, Mix & Master, co-write “Falling Down In Love” for Jake Cropley
2021BRMMelting Machine – a sleep music album
BRMMany Moons music for unpopular arcade games
BRMTravel Without Movement with Jake Cropley
think+syncNintendo Days EP for think+sync
BRMBefell – stories from before
BRMLying Back Looking Up
BRMWeight of Memories
think+syncSpeak No Evil EP – for think+sync
2020BRMNight Moon
BRMGame Themes I (collecting game themes)
BRMLands with Shawn Johnson
BRMCrystal Hopper – game soundtrack
BRMRed Skies Yellow Sand
BRMGarden of Merging Waters
BRMVoice Of Space
BRMEgg Head Ted animated web series
BRMEven If You Don’t Agree – track on Ambient Online 10: Unity
BRMDaedalus In Danger – short film score
BRMPalais Matinee
BRMPandemic Diaries
BRMTarot I: The Fool’s Journey
BRMIsabel of Grey Abbey
BRMPuzzle Tiles game soundtrack
2019BRMSketches of Place & Time with Sleep I + II
BRMS.P.A.C.E. Force Game Soundtrack
Best Game Award in Game Jam
BRMKosmicheskoye Tango – with Adrian Earnshaw
BRMMissions – Journeys in our Solar System
BRMHigh Theta to Mid Delta – Binaural Beats test – video
BRMSleep Call : I – IV
BRMTravels in Digital Sands
 BRMT.V. Treated – TV Themes given the Benedict Treatment
BRMOut Of The Box – film soundtrack
2 x Best Short Film Awards
 BRMThe Edge of Transmission II
 BRMTriumph & Tragedy
2018BRMPlugged-In Bach
 BRMUnmade Movies
 BRMSpace Case – Album + VST Collection
 DCDRun From The Sun
2017BRMIn Phantasus Cum Morpheus
 BRMMirror – with Peter Lansford
 BRMWaters Are My Sky
 BRMSpaceShip : Continuum
2016BRMPixel Deep Plays
 BRMOther Places / Other Spaces
 BRMMonuments of Man
 BRMDocumented Fragments – synthesizer dreams
 BRMImpermanent Permanence
2015BRMPLACES – details from the world we visit
 BRMTemporal Recidivist
 BRMSea Changes
 BRMTravel Destinations for the World Weary
 BRMCreatures of Light & Liquid
2013BRMMeasured Spaces
 BRMDouble Space
2012BRMA Century’s Quarter
 BRMBerlin to Dusseldorf
2011BRMMountain & The Lowlands
 BRMFallen Leaves + retrograde
2010BRMSampler – Growings
 C3-57Sampler – Collonades
 BSampler – Ages New
 AVSampler – Plastic Anger
 BRMSections + Structures
 BRMUnrepentant – film soundtrack
1 x Best Film Award
1 x Best Music Score Award
 BRMLights of Heaven
 BRMThe Body Pool
2007BRMIn Apparently Irreversible Succession
2006BRMStairway Into The Stars
2005BRMMy Electric Country
 BRMLonely Animals
 BRMAfter Hours
2004BRMNew Growths
 BRMBreaks Between Pauses – lost album
 BRMThe New Space Album
2003BRMSlow Vision Traffics / Tales Of Time – lost album
 BRMLonely Midnight – lost album
 BRM321 – lost album
2002BRMThe End Of The Circuit – lost album
2001BRMOrbits Of Attraction
 BRMThe Place Less Visited
2000BRMWindows Open, Senses Tuned
 BRMThe Edge Of Transmission
 BRMThe Life Complex
 BRMThe Grand Journey Of Marco Polo
 B27th – film soundtrack
 BThe Extraordinaries Of Food – film soundtrack
1999C3-57Gods Of The Desert
 C3-57A Sea Called Solaris
 AVSymphony From The Sewer
 C3-57Methods Of Transport
 C3-57Flights Of Fancy
 C3-57Afternoons In Foreign Climates
 BTime River
 C3-57Operating Electronic Machinery
 B + C3-57Sampler – compilation
 C3-57Utopian Societies
1996C3-57Works In Proto-Techno
 C3-57The Flowers Of Technology
1995C3-57Machine Age Daydream
 C3-571st Campaign
 AVThemes For An Unknown Concept
1994Bseries:1:2 / Choir – double
 BPathways To The Source – unreleased
 BVision Of The Mystic
 BSeashell and other stories – ep
1993BOtherworld Sky
1992AVThe Line On
 BInland Sea
 AVThe Museum Action
 AVMachine Room
1990AVTubeway – ep
1988AVThe Horror – unreleased