This page provides an index (and sense of order) for my music tutorials to help people find them better.

A Composer writes notes and Arranges them into Pieces (or Songs with a Lyricist). A Musician plays the parts. The Sound Engineer records what is played. A Producer helps find the best balance of everything to bring that piece, performance and recording to the best possible light for the intended audience. If you can do/be all of the above then go for it. If not then hire in the right specialists.

The Indie Musician's Guidebook
The Indie Musician’s Guidebook

Much of this material has been updated, upgraded & transferred to The Indie Musician’s Guidebook. By all means read on as there are some different articles in here that didn’t cross-over. When I write more articles, they are also likely to be here as I don’t plan on re-jigging the book every few weeks.

Artist Development

  1. Artist Development – A Course
  2. Lesson 0: Soundcloud, YouTube, Landr – Why Web Band Apps are doing you more damage than good and What You Can Do Instead.
  3. Lesson 1: Who Are You & What Is Your Message?
  4. Lesson 2: Making The Pitch
  5. Lesson 3: Developing Skill & Creativity
  6. Lesson 4: Revisiting Your Instrument
  7. Lesson 5: Sacrificing Your Ego To The Song
  8. Lesson 6: Letting The Song Lead
  9. Lesson 7: Finishing & Publishing the Work
  10. Lesson 8: Answering The Call
  11. Lesson 9: Bringing It All Together
  12. Lesson 10: Interview with Iron Will


  1. The New Music Industries and How to Succeed in them – rip it up
  2. You Don’t Know Me At All – Selfish Marketing 101 – it must be love
  3. Creating an Album Release – CD or Digital – put the needle on the record
  4. How to Get It Out There – Approaching Marketing Music – I wanna be a star
  5. Build a Real World Fanbase – Block rockin’ beats
  6. Making A Music Video – Waiting for the gift of sound & vision
  7. Building Your Music Website – Feels like home
  8. Social Media – Your Extended Local Area – Boys in the Hood
  9. What to Post on Facebook – Return to Sender
  10. Segmenting – how you should do it – Slice me nice
  11. On Being Professional – turn on the red light
  12. How To Reduce Credibility Really Fast? – another rainy day in new york city
  13. So Why Is Everyone Ignoring ME? – me I eat dust
  14. Gas Grooves L.O.V.E – lessons in love
  15. Communication – Building or Destroying? – How can I find a way to make you see I love you
  16. An Unpaid Update – Money & the Muso – let us prey
  17. Should I Be Releasing Music More Often? – people of the blaze
  18. Music Shouldn’t Be Sold – The Dangerous Lie – working for the man


  1. Music Theory Simplified (and cheated) – making music
  2. Rock Is Dead – We Killed It Ourselves – no more Mr Nice Guy
  3. Are You Making Music, or Are You Making A Noise? – time for a cool change
  4. Writing a Piece of Music – simple Theory – very basics of chord progression and chord notes
  5. Arranging a Piece of Music – simple Theory – the sense of story
  6. Turning A Loop Into A Song – complete completion theory
  7. Avoiding Avoidance – getting on with things – lay that sucker out
  8. Re-Voicing & Arranging Music – a real life example
  9. Anatomy of a Piece – Composing – lay that sucker out
  10. How Long Does it Take and Why Can’t I Do it? – time after time after time after…
  11. Good vs Bad – Fashion in Songwriting – Fashion & Fame; You Can Go Your Own Way
  12. Good Music & How to Make It – play that funky music
  13. Honing Your Craft – let it bleed
  14. Finish The Work – and Ship It – go forth and duplicate
  15. Critics – do you love me?
  16. Give Yourself Permission to Succeed – Rock Hard
  17. Why Better Sounds won’t help make Better Music – the Mistaken Strategy
  18. The trick to making your art unique and unmistakable in a sea of sameness
  19. In Conversation with Didi Oviatt – an Author – she’s a love blonde


  1. Reason Synths – a quick comparison – updated Nov 2017
  2. My Synths/DAW sound like crap. I need new ones that are better – get a Tonto
  3. Reason Sound vs VST Sound – modern love is automatic
  4. Digital Synthesis – a Rundown – fairies wear boots
  5. Signal Routing & simple Logic – if you wire it, they will dance
  6. Practicing to See – the art of making Art – I saw the light
  7. Kron the Thor of CV Devices and Why I think This Matters – Ding Dong Daddy Of The D-Car Line
  8. Being Organized – all lined up
  9. Why Making Drums Sound BIG is Difficult – basics of drum creation
  10. Compressing Drums – squishdy squidge
  11. Using One Sample For EVERY Sound – we are one, we are many
  12. Synthesizing a Glass Armonica – Making Your Own Patches – sound off
  13. Sound Design – Acoustic Guitar using Grain – Strum und Drang
  14. Build Your Own Reverb Unit – this is your space + Patch
  15. Creating External FM in Reason – nasty, nasty, oh you nasty boy! + Patch
  16. Korg MonoPoly RE v.s. Thor – my cloth ears + Patch
  17. Korg MS-20 Mini v.s. Reason 7 – kinda silly but hey
  18. Doepfer Dark Energy v.s. Thor – ooh to be ah + Patch
  19. Making Reason more Analog – Reason v.s. KingKORG + Patch
  20. Samplers as Synthesizers – and why it can be so good (or bad)
  21. Blamsoft Distributor in Reason 7 – maybe I oversold it but it is still cool


  1. Mixing In Stere-erio – get the balance right
  2. Mixing in Stere-erio – conclusion – making stereo out of nothing at all
  3. Mixing in Mono – now the stereo is gone, I’m just one
  4. Compressing Drums – how to get ’em to sit in the mix and not Destroyer it
  5. Bet you didn’t know BASS is the Enemy in Mixing Music – when too much is just too much and how to fool the kids all the time
  6. Anatomy of a Piece – Mixing – There’s not a problem that I can’t fix. Cause I can do it in the mix
  7. Mastering – Master & Servant, the Final Fantasy
  8. How to Mix Well – the Zen of being a Master
  9. Mixing with Groups in Propellerheads Reason – out of date now but still good to know
  10. Mix Engineer Advice Stems: “Handing Out Hysteria” – pour some sugar on me


  1. How to Develop a Great Podcast or Audio Program – words fell down
  2. Tips for Setting Up for Recording  Podcast & Audio Program – that’s what friends are for


  1. On Working Together – up where we belong
  2. Creators or Consumers: the New Divide – conquer on
  3. neo-Tradition – a new movement in music – hop on the hayride
  4. Why Modern Music Sucks – fiddlin’ and watchin’ while Rome boins
  5. The Deconstruction of Music – possible reasons – the Sadeness enigma
  6. Albums vs Shuffle All Songs – don’t do it, get away from the gun
  7. The Post-Album Slump – writer’s block and how to tear down the wall
  8. Gear Lust – don’t do it, get away from the gun
  9. Novation Bass Station – a passing folly
  10. How to transfer a Vinyl Record to Digital (CD, mp3 etc.) – get it right!
  11. Aspergers – Adult Living With It – do do do the funky gibbon
  12. Criticism and its Role in Alienation – run to the hills
  13. Adult Aspie and Work – i dub thee unforgiven
  14. Being Told What To Do – and Tyranny – for you
  15. Feminism vs MGTOW – The Failure of Marriage – winning the war

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