This page provides an index (and sense of order) for my music tutorials to help people find them better.

A Composer writes notes and Arranges them into Pieces (or Songs with a Lyricist). A Musician plays the parts. The Sound Engineer records what is played. A Producer helps find the best balance of everything to bring that piece, performance and recording to the best possible light for the intended audience. If you can do/be all of the above then go for it. If not then hire in the right specialists.

Artist Development

  1. Artist Development – A Course
  2. Lesson 0: Soundcloud, YouTube, Landr – Why Web Band Apps are doing you more damage than good and What You Can Do Instead.
  3. Lesson 1: Who Are You & What Is Your Message?
  4. Lesson 2: Making The Pitch
  5. Lesson 3: Developing Skill & Creativity
  6. Lesson 4: Revisiting Your Instrument
  7. Lesson 5: Sacrificing Your Ego To The Song
  8. Lesson 6: Letting The Song Lead
  9. Lesson 7: Finishing & Publishing the Work
  10. Lesson 8: Answering The Call
  11. Lesson 9: Bringing It All Together
  12. Lesson 10: Interview with Iron Will


  1. The New Music Industries and How to Succeed in them – rip it up
  2. You Don’t Know Me At All – Selfish Marketing 101 – it must be love
  3. Creating an Album Release – CD or Digital – put the needle on the record
  4. How to Get It Out There – Approaching Marketing Music – I wanna be a star
  5. Build a Real World Fanbase – Block rockin’ beats
  6. Making A Music Video – Waiting for the gift of sound & vision
  7. Building Your Music Website – Feels like home
  8. Social Media – Your Extended Local Area – Boys in the Hood
  9. What to Post on Facebook – Return to Sender
  10. Segmenting – how you should do it – Slice me nice
  11. On Being Professional – turn on the red light
  12. So Why Is Everyone Ignoring ME? – me I eat dust
  13. Gas Grooves L.O.V.E – lessons in love
  14. Communication – Building or Destroying? – How can I find a way to make you see I love you
  15. An Unpaid Update – Money & the Muso – let us prey


  1. Music Theory Simplified (and cheated) – making music
  2. Rock Is Dead – We Killed It Ourselves – no more Mr Nice Guy
  3. Are You Making Music, or Are You Making A Noise? – time for a cool change
  4. Writing a Piece of Music – simple Theory – very basics of chord progression and chord notes
  5. Arranging a Piece of Music – simple Theory – the sense of story
  6. Turning A Loop Into A Song – complete completion theory
  7. Avoiding Avoidance – getting on with things – lay that sucker out
  8. Re-Voicing & Arranging Music – a real life example
  9. Anatomy of a Piece – Composing – lay that sucker out
  10. How Long Does it Take and Why Can’t I Do it? – time after time after time after…
  11. Good vs Bad – Fashion in Songwriting – Fashion & Fame; You Can Go Your Own Way
  12. Good Music & How to Make It – play that funky music
  13. Honing Your Craft – let it bleed
  14. Finish The Work – and Ship It – go forth and duplicate
  15. Critics – do you love me?
  16. Why Better Sounds won’t help make Better Music – the Mistaken Strategy
  17. The trick to making your art unique and unmistakable in a sea of sameness
  18. In Conversation with Didi Oviatt – an Author – she’s a love blonde


  1. Reason Synths – a quick comparison – updated Nov 2017
  2. My Synths/DAW sound like crap. I need new ones that are better – get a Tonto
  3. Reason Sound vs VST Sound – modern love is automatic
  4. Digital Synthesis – a Rundown – fairies wear boots
  5. Signal Routing & simple Logic – if you wire it, they will dance
  6. Practicing to See – the art of making Art – I saw the light
  7. Kron the Thor of CV Devices and Why I think This Matters – Ding Dong Daddy Of The D-Car Line
  8. Being Organized – all lined up
  9. Why Making Drums Sound BIG is Difficult – basics of drum creation
  10. Compressing Drums – squishdy squidge
  11. Using One Sample For EVERY Sound – we are one, we are many
  12. Synthesizing a Glass Armonica – Making Your Own Patches – sound off
  13. Sound Design – Acoustic Guitar using Grain – Strum und Drang
  14. Build Your Own Reverb Unit – this is your space + Patch
  15. Creating External FM in Reason – nasty, nasty, oh you nasty boy! + Patch
  16. Korg MonoPoly RE v.s. Thor – my cloth ears + Patch
  17. Korg MS-20 Mini v.s. Reason 7 – kinda silly but hey
  18. Doepfer Dark Energy v.s. Thor – ooh to be ah + Patch
  19. Making Reason more Analog – Reason v.s. KingKORG + Patch
  20. Samplers as Synthesizers – and why it can be so good (or bad)
  21. Blamsoft Distributor in Reason 7 – maybe I oversold it but it is still cool


  1. Mixing In Stere-erio – get the balance right
  2. Mixing in Stere-erio – conclusion – making stereo out of nothing at all
  3. Mixing in Mono – now the stereo is gone, I’m just one
  4. Compressing Drums – how to get ’em to sit in the mix and not Destroyer it
  5. Bet you didn’t know BASS is the Enemy in Mixing Music – when too much is just too much and how to fool the kids all the time
  6. Anatomy of a Piece – Mixing – There’s not a problem that I can’t fix. Cause I can do it in the mix
  7. Mastering – Master & Servant, the Final Fantasy
  8. How to Mix Well – the Zen of being a Master
  9. Mixing with Groups in Propellerheads Reason – out of date now but still good to know


  1. neo-Tradition – a new movement in music – hop on the hayride
  2. Why Modern Music Sucks – How did we get here – fiddlin’ and watchin’ while Rome boins
  3. The Deconstruction of Music – possible reasons – the Sadeness enigma
  4. Albums vs Shuffle All Songs – don’t do it, get away from the gun
  5. The Post-Album Slump – writer’s block and how to tear down the wall
  6. Gear Lust – don’t do it, get away from the gun
  7. Novation Bass Station – a passing folly
  8. How to transfer a Vinyl Record to Digital (CD, mp3 etc.) – get it right!
  9. Aspergers – Adult Living With It – do do do the funky gibbon
  10. Criticism and its Role in Alienation – run to the hills
  11. Being Told What To Do – and Tyranny – for you
  12. Feminism vs MGTOW – The Failure of Marriage – winning the war

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