Space Case

Space Case LogoSpace Case is a collection of Instruments & Effects that form the core devices needed in any synth studio, especially one focused on pure Electronic Music styles like Space Music, Berlin School, Ambient etc. The devices are made in SynthEdit and exported as VST for the Windows PC platform and particularly Propellerheads Reason 9.5+ to take advantage of the CV system. Although they should function in any suitable Host.

More Info & Audio Demos: Space Case

Route 750 ReFill

LOGORoute 750 is a year’s worth of Patch making (independent of albums made). This started as a back to basics Sample & Synthesize project. Reason 10 with Europa & Grain came out and I really got busy, suddenly I had a whole new way to use those samples. The emphasis os on Pads & general Polyphonic sounds but there are sounds in all categories

More Info & Audio Demos: Route 750 ReFill info page

500+ Reasons ReFill

combi-logo500+ Reasons is the collection of patches I have made over the last two years. Some have graced my own tracks but most are virgin.

The 500+ Patches are centered around Thor, Subtractor, NN-XT & Combinators along with effects to make mix-ready sounds for any song.

There is also a host of effect units that will make any patch sound grand.

Requires Reason 6.5 and above
More Info & Audio Demos: 500+ Reasons ReFill info page

SAMPLE + Filter ReFill

SAMPLE +Filter
SAMPLE +Filter

SAMPLE + Filter is the companion to the OSC + Filter ReFill (below). The collection contains over 1,000 unique sounds, Combinators and audio effect patches all made with pure sampled oscillators.

The 171 Sample Oscillators are almost all short, designed to root on C3 and spread across the whole keyboard to maintain essential synthesis features like portamento and no jumps between notes.

Also included are a collection of custom Chorus, Ensemble, Delay & Reverb Effects designed to take any sound and make it bigger and more engaging.

Requires Reason 6.5 and above
More Info & Audio Demos: SAMPLE + Filter ReFill info page

OSC + Filter ReFill

OSC + Filter
OSC + Filter

OSC + Filter is the culmination of 25 years of making electronic music. The collection contains over 2,000 unique sounds, Combinators and audio effect patches all made with pure synthesis (no samples). Some of the sounds were featured in my former elektro 3-57 & StellaR collections, many are new to this release. Every sound has been opened, tested, played and tweaked many times to ensure a fully functional instrument in its own right.

Many of the sounds in here have appeared on albums stretching from to The Body Pool to Measured Spaces – most of the sounds from 11 albums plus many new instruments, tones, and textures.

Requires Reason 6.5 and above
More Info & Audio Demos: OSC + Filter ReFill info page


5 thoughts on “Instruments”

  1. Hey there,

    The SuperMono sounds cool, but you didn’t mention that it requires a CV modulator module. If you don’t have it, you can’t use the patches.

    1. Hi Christopher

      Thanks for your interest and comment. Sorry you missed it but right up there in line 1 I point out the REs required to make Super Mono Synth work. At the time most people had grabbed Pulsar as it had been a free gift for a while. Now I guess not many people own it (?) in comparison as there are quite a few LFO options that will double as OSC.

      You could always “Try” Pulsar and see Super Mono in action that way.


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