Latest Work or Passing Portfolio

This page has no great purpose other than to hold latest work in case I need to show it specifically to someone. The content will change a lot – or maybe not – depending on whether I needed to use this page or not. Some links may even be broken/dead.

If you are here looking for my official Mixing Portfolio it is on the Production Page.

Mastering: Easy Peasy “I Love Avocado”

I Mastered the first Easy Peasy single “I Love Avocado” which hit #1 in kids’ songs within hours of release on Spotify. Micheal King is Wiggles alumni and I met him through Jake Cropley.

The second song “I Love To Paint” came straight out to another genre #1.

The second song “I Love To Paint” came straight out to another genre #1.

Mix & Master: Jake Cropley – Song Catcher Album

This is actually my 4th album with Jake Cropley, but his second solo album. Jake wrote and recorded all 10 tracks in two weeks, along with making daily videos and setting up a release event. I mixed every track the day after writing/recording and on Day 13 we made minor mix alterations, set the album running order, and finalized the cover art. Proof that making music is as hard as you make it.

You can read and see more about this album on the Song Catcher album page.

Mix & Master: Silvano – Happy Day

Silvano had to try a few singers until one delivered the right stuff for this cheery, floaty, summery song.

VST Design & Build: Higher Hz – Hz Box

My third device for Higher Hz, Hz Box uses the principles of soundboxes & guitar cabinets to help transform any sound from flat and lifeless to having a strong character that helps it to sit well in the mix.

Free at Higher Hz

Podcast Prep – Government Policy Articulated Podcast 2020

National Policy Programs
National Policy Programs

Dr. Randal Stewart started a podcast reading government policy reviews. Sounds dull but it is really interesting work. Really interesting subject matter to get to look inside current events that get 2 minutes of sensation on TV and then ignored. The first report we did was on the Ruby Princess debacle that let a plague ship disperse hundreds of exposed people into an island nation.

I have just listened to half chapter 3 on my walk this morning. I am overwhelmed by your brilliant editing and sound engineering. It sounds fantastic. I have had enormous faith in your professionalism from the beginning. Thanks.
Dr. Randal G Stewart –