Latest Work or Passing Portfolio

This page has no great purpose other than to hold latest work in case I need to show it specifically to someone. The content will change a lot – or maybe not – depending on whether I needed to use this page or not. Some links may even be broken/dead.

If you are here looking for my official Mixing Portfolio it is on the Production Page.

Mix & Master + Remix – The Nightingale Experience – Nobody’s Diary (Yazoo cover)

Mix + Master – Jake Cropley – Never Living Without You

Record Vocals Mix & Master – Tony Murphy

Mix Walkthrough – Like A Fire In Nebraska – Autumn

Mix & Master – Zanilonia – Colors Of The Sun (Jackson Browne cover)

Podcast Prep – Government Policy Articulated Podcast 2020

National Policy Programs
National Policy Programs

Dr. Randal Stewart started a podcast reading government policy reviews. Sounds dull but it is really interesting work. Really interesting subject matter to get to look inside current events that get 2 minutes of sensation on TV and then ignored. The first report we did was on the Ruby Princess debacle that let a plague ship disperse hundreds of exposed people into an island nation.

I have just listened to half chapter 3 on my walk this morning. I am overwhelmed by your brilliant editing and sound engineering. It sounds fantastic. I have had enormous faith in your professionalism from the beginning. Thanks.
Dr. Randal G Stewart –