Science Fiction

I love to read and there is little that I love better than Science Fiction. I will enjoy Space Opera, Fantasy, Horror, even ordinary books about ordinary things but there is little better in my world than something that makes me think about, and explore, new ideas. This is probably no surprise as many of my albums have featured songs and pieces about robots.

Let me tell you of some of the hi lights (in no particular order) Google ’em if you are interested:


  • Asimov - Robots of Dawn
    Asimov – Robots of Dawn

    Isaac Asimov wrote some amazing stories about robots and perfect future societies. He had very few laser guns but lots of thoughtful prose.

  • HG Wells defined much of the genre with War Of The Worlds and The Time Machine. I started these when I was about nine. War would be one of the book I have read over most.
  • Arthur C Clarke – 2001 is cool but so are many of his other books. Great vision.
  • Frank Herbert – Dune has go to be the largest canvas ever in fiction.
  • Philip K Dick – is/was just a great wit and writer.
  • Anthony Burgess – is generally only known for Clockwork Orange but his Wanting Seed is an important work too.
  • Julian May – I loved the Golden Torc series. The Iron Moon series seems pale but that is only because the first series shone so brightly for me.
  • JRR Tolkein – did go on a bit (well a lot actually) but his vision is just so great and influential.
  • Steven King – is just about the best modern popular writer. He balances things so well whilst being entertaining, thoughtful and well researched.
  • Harry Turtledove – can get a bit repetitive but always a good read.
  • Piers Anthony – the Xanth series are just fun. His other books are well worth the time too.

Film & TV

  • Logans Run
    Logans Run

    Logan’s Run – both the film and TV show. The film’s vision of the city is so wonderful. And who wouldn’t want a future with Jenny Agutter?

  • Blake’s 7 – I liked Dr Who but Blake’s 7 really suited me better. I still like the show.
  • Star Wars & The Empire Strikes Back – were great movies with a good vision. After that was all downhill but I do enjoy The Clone Wars even though the silly robots annoy me.
  • The Day Of The Triffids –  Triffids are such a great idea for a baddie and they will always be a part of my internal landscape (even if others have no idea what I am talking about). I read the book and watched the newer series too.
  • Battlestar Galactica – and I mean the original series only was pretty thin but as a kid I loved it. Watched it all again recently and still had fun. Cool theme music.
  • Blade Runner – the film really set the tone for so many years even if it did warp the book. Who wouldn’t want a Priss?
  • A Clockwork Orange – I didn’t see this till I was about 20 and what an impact it had on me. Best film ever and all that.
  • Stargate SG1 & Atlantis – are wonderfully simple and enjoyable ways to spend 42 mins. In that way I like NCIS too.

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