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Albums vs Shuffle All Songs

Yes, you probably read that title right; this post is about the difference between playing a whole Album and popping your whole collection into a Play All Songs Randomly mode. Now it is entirely probable that you are thinking "who cares" and working out what you want to click off to instead. Sure, you can… Continue reading Albums vs Shuffle All Songs

Gas Grooves LOVE
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Gas Grooves – L.O.V.E

I got handed this CD the other week by a guy I know. That guy is Tony from Gas Grooves and he is lucky he had the CD because I was about to give him some more grief for not having the CD yet. I was introduced to Tony by my brother who has a copy… Continue reading Gas Grooves – L.O.V.E

Iggy Pop
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Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

This is a big one. A really, really big one. Sadly most people don't realize it. It took me some time to work it out, but by watching other aspiring musicians in forums, business people in places I worked and in questioning myself, what I saw is that people commonly shoot themselves in the foot… Continue reading Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

Bob Dylan
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Good Music and How to Make It

There is no formula to getting guaranteed hits. Let's get that myth put away right now. As explained in the last few posts "Good" is not a personal preference but a gauge of the ability to pass value to other people - few would want to describe a Math textbook as good but if it… Continue reading Good Music and How to Make It

Ray Charles
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Why Modern Music Sucks – How Did We Get Here?

Some disagree but I believe that modern popular music is in a very bad place. Now I'm not the first to approach this. I know as I have heard about how Rome's about to burn all my life. It is part of not wanting to accept change. That makes it hard to be the guy who… Continue reading Why Modern Music Sucks – How Did We Get Here?

Notes Make Music
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neo-Tradition – a new movement in music

I'm going to treat this post more like an open letter. Maybe some people would like to take this up and post to others. Maybe some people would like to take this into the studio and answer. Hi All This is to musicians and fans alike. To be a musician we generally need to be… Continue reading neo-Tradition – a new movement in music

John Stewart - Bombs Away Dream Babies
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Folk Rock – James Taylor, John Stewart, Al Stewart & Merle Haggard

My last post was about a fellow who has written some lovely Folk Rock songs but is unsure what direction to take them. Does he alter his songs to try to make them fit the current fashion or does he stick to his guns (well maybe not guns seeing as this is Folk) and develop… Continue reading Folk Rock – James Taylor, John Stewart, Al Stewart & Merle Haggard

Fear Factory - The Industrialist
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Fear Factory, Sixx AM & INXS

I got four records (yep vinyl) for Xmas but I won't cover them now; too early, esp seeing I am only just recording the first couple now. It has been quite a long time since I went through the CDs at the library but with it being time off I figured extra things to do… Continue reading Fear Factory, Sixx AM & INXS

Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
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Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

I haven't done an album review for a while. Partly as I rarely bother to bring anything home from the library as I now have sooo much music on my phone, 6,904 songs and counting, that aren't getting a fair spin. But I had a birthday recently and my Mother gave me a wee sum… Continue reading Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus