Hotel California Electronic Cover
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Hotel California – electronic cover

Eagles "Hotel California" was on in the car as we drove home the other day and I just really felt I wanted to have a go at it with pure electronic sounds. Here is a cover that is true to the original Eagles song (well as true as the MIDI File I downloaded) only with… Continue reading Hotel California – electronic cover

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Anadyomene FM Synth Free VST

Anadyomene FM Synth Anadyomene is a free FM Synth in the 64 Bit VST 2 format for Windows hosts.Available for free at although I do appreciate you considering me for some work that I can do or at least saying thanks nicely on one of my Socials This video is a walkthrough of the… Continue reading Anadyomene FM Synth Free VST

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#review The Indie Musician’s Guidebook, by Benedict Roff-Marsh

Didi Oviatt


My Review:

I’m not a musician, but I have a great deal of respect for the author of this book and have been very curious to pick apart his brain in terms of in a written work of uplifting no-nonsense approach. I’m impressed. I wish I could relate a bit more to the musical side of this book, as the points put across and the tips laid in place are very well thought out and extremely well writen. Much of the content has band/artists references and comparisons, as well as musical success and failure stories. Much can be learned here for a musician… so if you are one, then READ THIS BOOK!

Now as for myself, and the areas of this book that were personally applicable for me, as an artist of a different sort… There are some concepts that Benedict covers such as, ‘Who are you and what is…

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How Rappers are their own Public Enemy – and other acts are following them

I don't like Rappers. Many other people don't like Rappers. Am I being Rappist? Not at all. Matter of fact I thought Rap was very interesting when I first started hearing it and when it broke through in the Hip Hop wave of the early 90's. Right now I am listening to Public Enemy. Now… Continue reading How Rappers are their own Public Enemy – and other acts are following them

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What Makes a VST Plug-In High Quality and Should You Even Care?

Over and over I see people advertising their mixing services with terms like "using high quality plugins". Or customers who insist that they only want mixes made using "high quality plugins", or "professional plugins". The other variant is the idea of a Professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Like one or two of them are used… Continue reading What Makes a VST Plug-In High Quality and Should You Even Care?

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Music Shouldn’t Be Sold – The Dangerous Lie You are a pretty compelling speaker Damian but you don't seem to have any concept of Intellectual Property (I.P.). That is: the work of a person's mind is as much worthy of value as the work of their body. Whether it infinitely duplicable or not is immaterial. There are still costs involved. By your… Continue reading Music Shouldn’t Be Sold – The Dangerous Lie

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Albums vs Shuffle All Songs

Yes, you probably read that title right; this post is about the difference between playing a whole Album and popping your whole collection into a Play All Songs Randomly mode. Now it is entirely probable that you are thinking "who cares" and working out what you want to click off to instead. Sure, you can… Continue reading Albums vs Shuffle All Songs