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What Makes a VST Plug-In High Quality and Should You Even Care?

Over and over I see people advertising their mixing services with terms like "using high quality plugins". Or customers who insist that they only want mixes made using "high quality plugins", or "professional plugins". The other variant is the idea of a Professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Like one or two of them are used… Continue reading What Makes a VST Plug-In High Quality and Should You Even Care?

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Music Shouldn’t Be Sold – The Dangerous Lie

https://youtu.be/ouIqiWC8T_E You are a pretty compelling speaker Damian but you don't seem to have any concept of Intellectual Property (I.P.). That is: the work of a person's mind is as much worthy of value as the work of their body. Whether it infinitely duplicable or not is immaterial. There are still costs involved. By your… Continue reading Music Shouldn’t Be Sold – The Dangerous Lie

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Albums vs Shuffle All Songs

Yes, you probably read that title right; this post is about the difference between playing a whole Album and popping your whole collection into a Play All Songs Randomly mode. Now it is entirely probable that you are thinking "who cares" and working out what you want to click off to instead. Sure, you can… Continue reading Albums vs Shuffle All Songs

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Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

This is a big one. A really, really big one. Sadly most people don't realize it. It took me some time to work it out, but by watching other aspiring musicians in forums, business people in places I worked and in questioning myself, what I saw is that people commonly shoot themselves in the foot… Continue reading Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

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Why Modern Music Sucks – How Did We Get Here?

Some disagree but I believe that modern popular music is in a very bad place. Now I'm not the first to approach this. I know as I have heard about how Rome's about to burn all my life. It is part of not wanting to accept change. That makes it hard to be the guy who… Continue reading Why Modern Music Sucks – How Did We Get Here?