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Music as a Healing Modality

The Scream Music or frequencies cannot influence health as directly as some pseudo-scientists try to claim. Yes, sound can make sand or water dance but that only demonstrates how sound moves in an enclosed space when interacting with sand or water. To make the leap that this irrevocably proves that all sound changes us is… Continue reading Music as a Healing Modality

Benedict Roff-Marsh

Missions – Journeys in our Solar System

Missions - Journeys in our Solar System Thematically this was quite similar to Run From The Sun as they are both about exploring our Solar System but the results are very different. Right from the first full track that introduces the space toms that scream '80s & fun it is clear that this isn't to… Continue reading Missions – Journeys in our Solar System

Bait Ball
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Hiding In Plain Sight – The Lure of Safety

I have spoken to this subject many times through other articles & videos. But in the last few days I have had a few situations where I have watched people retreat from the opportunity to do something different and unique so they could try their best to do the most average thing they could -… Continue reading Hiding In Plain Sight – The Lure of Safety

D-Lineate ReFill

D-Lineate ReFill

D-Lineate ReFill D-Lineate is a ReFill for the Propellerheads Reason platform with an emphasis on features found in the Reason 10 release (Europa, Grain etc). There are over 340 patches across several categories: Pads: 118Poly: 61Strings: 49Sound Effects: 30Brass: 23Leads: 19Pianos: 16Bass: 14Drums: 14 There are also the 16 Casio CZ inspired sounds I made… Continue reading D-Lineate ReFill

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The Design Brief – how to Win with Freelancers

Understandably enough when many people start thinking about making something they tend to think results. It is natural enough. You need to know what the thing looks like before you can build it. But is that really wise? Actually no. Bridges all tend to look different. Some have lots of rigging in pretty "sail" patterns… Continue reading The Design Brief – how to Win with Freelancers

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Music Licensing – who owns what, where, when

Music licensing can be a very complex subject, but only if we let it. Very simply, every piece of music is owned by someone. The technical term is Intellectual Property (I.P.) which means that an idea and it's execution has value - which it has or we'd never listen to Metallica records. License options depend… Continue reading Music Licensing – who owns what, where, when

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Tone & Time – the Real Rules of Music

This is the holder for a series of videos on broader thinking and application of the real rules of music. Tone & Time are the core concepts to be understood in music, no matter the genre, style etc. Everything that you hear is made up of a complex moving melange of tone over time in… Continue reading Tone & Time – the Real Rules of Music