Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra - Portrait of Sinatra
Frank Sinatra – Portrait of Sinatra

I’m currently recording all my records onto the computer to make mp3s to go on my phone for playing in the car. I’m being methodical and going through crate by crate recording almost everything to my music software Reason, chopping up the songs and then tagging them. This is an amazing experience as, whilst I know every record in my ~1,000 title collection, I have not listened to some things for a while. This record is one of the most humbling.

I’m recording Portrait of Sinatra (well half of it as that’s all I have) and its not possible to listen to this record without feeling humble. The man was such a grand singer. He didn’t rock, he didn’t roll. He didn’t warble, he didn’t scream. He just sang the song well. Really well. I won’t say I’m a huge fan in that I rarely listen but this guy (an those he worked with) was the best.

I got this half a record when I bought ‘Ol Blue Eyes Is Back because it has Send In The Clowns which I have always loved as a song. As I was checking the vinyl for scratches etc. I found there was another record inside and it was a best of so I grabbed the both for $1 while no one was noticing.

Seems like someone did know but no dramas, as while the actual album I bought is generally not Sinatra’s best (many critics say it is his worst and it certainly doesn’t shine by his standards) the collection is just quality. This moment of finding and getting something extra special is every collector’s greatest joy.

As a musician it makes me feel rather silly to think I can put my work on the same stage as Frank. That said however most of the work I love best has the edge of less polished performers. I like things to be good but more importantly they have to have passion.

I still won’t listen to this record a lot but to know it is there is like knowing your house has foundations.

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