Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel I Car
Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel I Car

I wasn’t planning this article but it leaped on me whilst recording Peter Gabriel I (Car) from vinyl to mp3 for my mobile collection.

I have only 2 of Peter’s records and I admit I don’t listen to them too often. I thought that he had made some really special songs like Solsbury Hill, Games Without Frontiers and of course most of the So record but his tendency to make scatty, complex music held me on the outside.

My first conscious awareness of Peter was in 1980 with Games Without Frontiers. What an odd but compelling song with layers of mystery behind a great melody. I never bought that record (Melt) but I did get this one (Car). Like so may people I bought it for Solsbury Hill that has this angelic sense of sitting in the back of your life and popping up at special moments. I accepted there were other songs on there too that I would go along with to get to Solsbury Hill.

I think now as I listen to Car on my new Jamo 803 speakers that maybe the erring is on my side more than his. I realize that it is a fascinating, and largely very well recorded, record. This makes me think I should get Melt next time it crosses my path so I have Frontiers and whatever other wonders he slipped in there.

Peter Gabriel - So
Peter Gabriel – So

So came out right in that time when I person is most receptive to pop music. I was in my last year of high school and this age and time makes a person take in so much and suddenly start to think they have the world sussed. Oh what fools we are every time we think that, especially at that age, but who would want to miss those special few years of selfish vanity.

I will admit to not really loving Sledgehammer or Big Time but I admit it they are very clever pop songs that could almost be penned by Lindsay Buckingham. The reasons I play this record are in Red Rain, Don’t Give Up and Mercy Street and I am well rewarded every time.

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