‘Til Tuesday

'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry
‘Til Tuesday – Voices Carry

No new records from the library to listen to this week so it was: 2 hours of random singles from the 80’s and 90’s, Alan Parsons, The Twins, Voice Of The Beehive and after grocery shopping my playlist ran out! I could have just gone home on an Oldies AM station but I wanted something else. I don’t listen to this record a lot so it always comes a bit fresh.

‘Til Tuesday were one of those bands who had a big impact but only in a small way. You had to be there or you probably never heard of them. Sad really but that is the nature of life and art and all that. I feel lucky I was there and got the record. One of the great things about the net is that you can get it too, way after the fact.

The Saturday morning video show played a song in 1985 by a band with name that is technically slightly silly but in effect wistful  The name of the song is similar. “Voices Carry” is one of those songs that just sticks so none of seems silly at all, rather it seems touching in a distant way. That is why those of us who were there and got it and loved it even though the band didn’t become huge.

The lead singer Aimee Mann went on to create a bigger name for herself. Interestingly I didn’t follow, but that my be in great part because radio in Australia didn’t follow so while I knew the name I didn’t know the songs. Anyway back to the record.

“Voices Carry” as an album is perhaps fairly typical (and some people damned it for this) mid-80’s Rock with synthesizers and shiny, shiny production. I always loved that sound, even to today so I’m off to a good start. The lead song, “Love In A Vacuum” contains a lovely sense of twist that is exactly like life whilst having a sense of hope. The rest of the record is like this. Sure it isn’t “Dark Side Of the Moon” or “Born To Run”, but music shouldn’t always have to be so intense, sometimes it just needs to feel breezy.

Upon reflection, maybe I don’t want to listen to more ‘Til Tuesday or solo Aimee because it may break that spell this record has. What if it wasn’t the same? But what if it adds something else? Like I said the net is great because we can look into things from the past easier.

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