Victory – In The Can early 2013

I have a new album in the can. Matter of fact it is a double. Expect to see an official release note in a week or so once I have had a few listens to be sure if flows well and I’m as happy as any artist ever can be with the work. Today I hate it all. Tomorrow I’ll be fine again.

What I have to show is a YouTube video for a very “single” sounding track called Victory.

This piece is in many ways a first for me as it is a clearly Trance-Pop piece styled in the Robert Miles “Children” mold. I will admit that it still has the Benedict sound to it and so misses the big shiny Disco sound of the original. However for a simple Pop piece I think it is Ok.

I played it and then let the other pieces on the page from older albums play and there is a marked difference. Matter of fact I noticed first time I popped the new album on in the car for a test listen. OMG this almost sounds like someone else’s music. It was an uncomfortable time and I still feel it a bit now as I listen to the track again. This is a different Benedict to the guy who made all the music that went before.

I can’t be unhappy though as I wanted A Century’s Quarter to be the end of an era in my musical growth. This next album was to be an evolutionary quantum leap. For better or worse I have done that with much of this music.

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