Heart at Sea

Heart at Sea is New Age Sleep Music. Therefore please play it softly and don't go expecting drums, rousing choruses, or MIDI orchestras hammering away. The progression of tracks is deliberately set to help allow for a more restful state. Perhaps don't operate machinery - I only say that to cover myself as in no … Continue reading Heart at Sea

Melting Machine – a sleep music album

Play it Quietly this is Sleep Music - not EDM Melting Machine was an album that wanted to be written but was not on my plans for right now. I was still working on my Goth record (working name Beauty of the Dark) but it had to be put on hold because I made an … Continue reading Melting Machine – a sleep music album

Many Moons – music for unpopular arcade games

Many Moons was deliberately written to be relatively simple music, with a strong emphasis on being very "classic" electronic. As I was busy doing a lot of review work at this time, my time was limited. I was using some of these pieces for demonstration of the synths or DAWs I was reviewing. If you … Continue reading Many Moons – music for unpopular arcade games

Befell – stories from before

Befell started with the working name "before" as they were stories from before us: before clearly recorded history. Many loosely cover Old Testament era stories. The idea is not to be religious in any way but just to carry some of the feeling of those stories that resonate down through the ages, despite not really … Continue reading Befell – stories from before