This album was largely written in about 1 week! I didn’t mean it to happen that way at all. Matter of fact I was just done with “Travel Destinations for the World Weary” and should have been taking a break. I was making a sound and just had to make a melody to go with it. Next I knew I had a piece sketched out – lucky I don’t drink with that sort of willpower.

I was planning that my next album would definitely be more New Age and probably a Sea based theme. I played this new sketch to my friend, Rebecca and she was really hit with this sounding like ice melting in spring. But… she didn’t like the way the parts went together. I admit I had been pretty un-subtle in some transitions so she sat on my floor as we adjusted things more to her liking. By then I was sold on the idea of seasons.

Of course seasons are bit of a done idea what with Vivaldi etc. So I had to do something more in keeping with my Space Music style. Rebecca suggested seasons on other planets but I figured that wouldn’t make much sense as no one knows what they might feel like so not soothing at all. I decided to double the number of tracks to eight – two per season at 8 mins each = 64 mins.

Writing went fast as I had the time (jettisoned the day job as boss was being a promise breaker – and rude about it too) and I knew what each track had to feel like before mouse went to screen. I could even see the cover in my head. I still surprised myself how fast it all came out.

The only final adjustment was that rather than the tracks coming in twos (as written) they flowed better in two separate cycles which in fact better suits the cover.

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