Feminism vs MGTOW – The Failure of Marriage

men-on-strikeThis post really has nothing to do with music. I write these as they help me get my thoughts straight. Also it is a way for me to communicate with the world.

I have been looking a bit into MGTOW lately. That means Men Going Their Own Way. While it has suddenly exploded on YouTube, the development has been a long time coming as I read a scholarly book on how men were being failed about 10 years ago (sadly I don’t remember the name of that one). More recently I read “Men On Strike” by Helen Smith, PhD.


I’ll try very hard to pop the complexity of MGTOW into a few lines; I read it as men finding themselves trapped in a system that doesn’t benefit them no matter how they try to claim all is good.

Matter of fact it seems a system that doesn’t benefit anyone. Men are unhappy, women are unhappy.

Marriage was supposed to make life that bit better. Each partner gives a bit but overall the outcome should be greater happiness and the bonus of another generation to continue our species.

It is failing badly though as any dip into divorce and happiness stats will show. If you don’t want to look at the stats (and who does) then simply note that rise of MGTOW and anti-feminism in popular culture. Happy people don’t lob hand grenades.

Women took to the streets and burned everything from bras to their babies. Men have decided not to burn their jockstraps, they are simply walking away in an Ayn Rand, Objectivism sort of way, leaving women confused in an increasingly man-less landscape. Their empire of drying sand.

Fuck The Police

Over the last 50 years, the role of being a man has been increasingly demonized by militant Feminism. Men were cast as being the evil cops of the world. All summed up with the epithet: The Patriarchy; that catchword for everything Feminists felt was holding them back from getting everything they wanted. Anything that smelled like patriarchy had to be demolished. Men had to be reconstructed in the form demanded by feminism – the Mangina.

Now don’t get me at all wrong. I and most MGTOW men are perfectly happy for women to have the vote, get paid for the work they do and be free to be equal members of our society.

See that is just it. MGTOW men want women to be equals. Which means that men are equal to women. Equal but different. But equal nonetheless. However, it isn’t playing out that way at all. So far (as I expected to be honest) feminism has created an Animal Farm sort of situation with a great proportion of women playing the pig’s “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” card.

Women became the new evil police. The Matriarchy. Sadly like most megalomaniacs, they are an increasingly lonely lot.

Will I Ever Understand You

I think that many women who play this role do so without even realizing that they are not being equal, fair or even remotely nice about how they live their lives with regards to men. Feminism became more subtle, that seemingly cute but really vile “girl power” and “independent woman” thang of the 90’s co-opted everyone into being a feminist, swapping the dungarees for burlesque-wear.

It didn’t start there though as any look through history will show that women have always held the reigns of power far more than they want to let on. A woman has all the power over sex. If she doesn’t want it she says no. Sure she can say a man raped her but even that in its way puts the woman in power as she is the object of desire. Besides, men don’t want to rape a woman they want her company as an equal. If a man decides it is easier to have sex with another man, women will deride him. To quote Bart Simpson,”Can’t win, don’t try”.

Women raise the babies whilst the men are off hunting. The girls get cast as princesses and the boys are to blame for everything. Tell me you haven’t seen that play out many times in shopping centers as the princess goads the bat-brother into trouble then plays the victim whilst Mum berates the boy into submission (and possibly a life of anger and violence against women).

MGTOW is men walking away from the manipulation of the marriage game that ensures that he cannot ever get paid for his input. He may get a bone every now and then but never treated as an equal. Oh and the babies may not even be his but the law will make him pay for them anyway!

I’m a jealous god and I want everything. And I love you with a knife

Many men want to worship women. I know I do and I hear other men say this. The slang is termed White Knighting. We were trained this way – to serve the princesses. That is a good thing but only so long as the princesses become good queens.

The Christian God wants us to love him. In return, he will love us. We should love him even when things go bad. he will love us even when we are bad. Does that sound familiar? marriage ceremony…

Reading up on just about any gods of old we soon find they have a habit of behaving poorly. This is a warning to us not to do the same. Women got power from the feminist 2movement. They added this to the power they already had (but pretended they didn’t) and like bad gods, they demand everything but offer nothing of value in return.
Generals fall when their troops walk away. Men are walking away from the fight they cannot win.

MGTOW is not saying to hate women – although some of the language initially sounds this way but I put that down to sheer frustration as MGTOW men hate what has become of the women we want to worship and what is being done to us in return for our service.

And if there’s war between the sexes Then there’ll be no people left

Joe Jackson’s “Real Men” from back in 1982 laid this exact situation out. Women are finding themselves dateless and confused as to why. They blame men for being too childish or some such thing that feminism tells them.

e4ffb39d1b3b723067d25ed35bc3914aYet at the same time, these tragically single women are insisting that if any man who presents isn’t Brad Pitt (or whoever the top Alpha is these days) then he is inferior. Inferior men are to be shunned, derided and driven off. There is only one Brad Pitt. You can’t all have him. Brad will marry Angelina – till one or both of them stop being alpha and then one will kill the other.

Sure it is great to get the best but the best is sometimes far more subtle than ‘Brad Pitt or nothing’. There are a wealth of other actors on the stage. John Cryer or Jonah Hill could be perfect for you if you gave them a chance.

Reality is that Beta, Omega and even Zeta males will often make far better long-term mates than the Alphas who are often one-trick-ponies with looming expiry dates. Find your equal and be theirs. If you live off their wages and attention then make sure you give them what they need in return – and no that is a not a disinterested poke once a week whilst you think about Brad Pitt and talk about some horrid reality show where everyone is a bitch.

Message In A Bottle

If you are reading this and have a reaction. Great.

  • If you found this in a search to understand MGTOW, cool. Google is wonderful. Please read widely and dip into the videos from people like Feminism LOL, Sandman & MGTOW is Freedom. You may need to see a few and think on it for a while as it can be a bit of a shock. If you want to take the Red Pill then I congratulate you but remember there is no going back once you know that it is the matrix.
  • If it is that you want to post me a hand grenade. Please don’t. I am merely discussing something that is happening. Frustratingly, happening to me. Maybe you too which is why you are angry.
  • In the very rare circumstance that you are here as a potential girlfriend then firstly I congratulate you on being probably the first woman to pay enough interest in me to read what I communicate and try to understand me. What do I want from you? Well an equal, someone who accepts that I am who I am and that I don’t need changing, polishing or whatever term is acceptable these days. I’d like you to be delighted by the quirks that make up the oddity that is called Benedict. I prefer interesting people myself as they seem more real. I will probably continue to be a bit of a White Knight (in my own special way) but I will also demand that my Princess needs to be of the good sort and rises with me or I’m walking away.

5 thoughts on “Feminism vs MGTOW – The Failure of Marriage

  1. The deep thinkers of MGTOW are Barbaross, Thinking Ape, Life After Women, Coltain, Spesnatz, and a few others. Sandman has flashes of brilliance but he is more the People Magazine of the philosophy. Look to his earlier works.

    Turd Flinging Monkey has some briliant peices, especially “She Will Never Love You” where he lays out in irrefutable detail that the reason she will never love you is because she can’t – she is biologically incapable of it, meaning her DNA won’t allow it. This vid is a MGTOW must!

    An obscure poster is F#@! Guilt. His series “Returning to Zero” is excellent.

    Feminism LOL is Diana Davidson. She does OK, but a better female is Girl Writes What, particularly her earlier work.

    One problem MGTOW is experiencing is a proliferation of new content providers who have not done the deep thinking that is the heart of the philosophy. Angry MGTOW defines this best. He is a juvenile kid jumping on the bandwagon for a buck. Our detractors like to point to posters like him as the prime example of us when nothing could be farther from the truth.

    Check out the deep thinkers I mentioned. It is some mind blowing stuff and, truthfully, not for the faint of heart. Fully digesting the Red Pill is by far the most difficult, gut wrenching, ego destroying, journey a man can attempt. It has opened a whole new world for me. A garden of peace and more importantly, understanding is now where I dwell. I am a MGTOW ghost monk and have never been happier or more at peace with the world and myself.

    May your journey be filled with enlightenment and peace, the wind at your back, the sun on your face, and the sweet taste of salt air filling your lungs and spirit as you captain a finely trimmed MGTOW ship upon the turbulent sea of madness surrounding us all. Cheers.

    1. I second his recommendations on the deep thinkers. I would also suggest coltian “occums razor” video. MGTOW is not about hate. It’s a deeper understanding of one’s self and a study of human biological imparitives. Ultimately becoming a S.A.M. spentnaz is good. Love his “coping ugly” video. MGTOW is definitely not for the faint of heart, and is not for everyone.

  2. Thanks John for the well thought out reply. it is also good you have put forward some of the better presenters in the arena as particularly Sandman has started to concern me over his increasingly negative and childish (bile filled) rants as they don’t serve anyone well.

    On my side, I actually met a lovely, lovely woman (who has not indicated reading this page) but so far has been everything I could want. And hasn’t shown the slightest sign of wanting anything but an equal partnership that improves all involved.

    It seems to me that in getting my playing field better defined I put myself in the right place to find the right one. I know what I want and what I won’t live with. MGTOW has been a great help in that and I think that is what it is really there to acheve.


    1. Thanks for the reply. A man must remember that the NAWALT is a mythical creature just like the unicorn. Just because I can’t prove unicorns don’t exist doesn’t mean they do. Also, the path to divorce court is paved with the bodies (and money) of men who were sure their choice of woman was different and she would never do that to them. I am a prime example. There are millions upon millions of others.

      There is a documentary called Divorce Corp. Watch it. A man must fully understand the industries (pluralized on purpose) that have grown up and depend upon a steady stream of male victims for their livelihood.

      It is not just divorce lawyers. It is also the courts (educate yourself about Title IV-D of the Social Security Code and you will learn why men never get child custody). It is a racket. Marriage is a civil contract that the courts have criminalized. Child support and alimony payments are paid to the court which then forwards the money to the woman. Failure to make a payment to satisfy a civil debt is now criminal contempt of court. It doesn’t matter if you lose your job. County jails are stuffed with men who couldn’t pay. And don’t get me started on the legal concept of imputed income.

      The domestic violence support group indusrty has a federally funded chapter in every county in America and is funded per the number of “victims”. Men convicted of domestic violence (no evidence other than her word is required) are ordered to “anger management” class at their own expense. Two more industries feeding at the trough of failed relationships.

      Police departments receive federal funding to establish and expand domestic violence units. This is all based upon the Duluth Model where the authors admit the goal is to remove the man from the house even if he is the victim. The unconstitutional Violence Against Women Act and the Lautenburg Amendment are based on it. Read up on all three and prepare to have your mind blown.

      Courts hand out ex-parte (meaning you are not allowed at the hearing) Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) to women like Halloween candy. A man is immediately thrown out of his house with nothing but the clothes on his back, even if the house is his bought and paid for by him and in his name. If she hits you with a domestic violence charge you will be incarcerated until the mandatory preliminary hearing. This means you cannot make bail until at best the next day or if she times it for a holiday break you will be locked up for five days. I was locked up for five days over Thanksgiving.

      A hearing on the TRO is usually held within two weeks. The judge will consider her to be as pure as the driven snow and you to be the black stuff between Satan’s hooves. It is a passion play where everyone in the room, except the man, knows their roles and the outcome. Your crucifixion is preordained and there is nothing you can do about it.

      Once the TRO becomes permanent it has the effect of putting the man in a legal straight jacket from which there is no escape. His goal shifts from trying to get the best deal he can in the impending divorce to agreeing to anything to avoid being sent to prison. He will never see the inside of his house again or his children without her permission. This is all by design.

      Look up Lisa Scott Law on the web. She is a divorce attorney in Tacoma, WA, that is sympathic to men. I have spoken to her on the phone. This is where I learned that the domestic violence charge is pushed by lawyers as the open salvo in a divorce followed by the child abuse allegation. If Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp are not immune to these tactics what chance do you think you have? Robin Williams killed himself over it.

      If you are going to get involved with a woman you must remember it is not women who are the real enemies of men – it is their white knights and the legal system. Relationships are now a weird menage-a-trois between a man, a woman, and the state.

      The legal system has super glued the muzzle of a pistol to the forehead of every man in America and given women not only permission but encouragement to pull the trigger. And every woman in America knows this. Ask your “snowflake” what she knows about TROs, VAWA, divorce, child support, etc. If she says she knows a lot that is your signal to run. If she says she know very little she is lying through her teeth and that is an even bigger signal to run.

      My friend, if you think MGTOW has been a great help in helping you find the “snowflake”, you have missed the point entirely. MGTOW is the unmasking of innate female nature and awakening men to the facts of how all females operate. For all of human history, until the rise of MGTOW and genetic science, women have been a mystery to men. But that is no longer the case. The excesses of third wave feminism have given women permission to flaunt their innnate nature with impunity. They are no longer a mystery, they are an easily understood algorithm for the man who simply opens his eyes.

      You say she has not shown the slightest sign of wanting anything other than an equal partnership. She is on her best behavior because she is in the audition stage. Also, her idea of “equal partnership” is you supplying the resources and her supplying the pussy. When she thinks she has you committed she will increase her shit testing of you (if you don’t know what that is, get educated) and her behavior will change. Put her to the test early by making her pay for things and see how she reacts.

      Ask youself this. If she is so special, why is she still on the market? Why isn’t she already happily married with children? There is a reason and the reason is that she is constantly looking for a better deal, and she is doing exactly that while she is with you now. She is merely doing what her biology and DNA tells her to do. It is as natural as breathing for her.

      Remember this, my friend. Men love with their hearts, women love (they can’t really love you for you like you love her for her) with their head. A man wants companionship and sex. A woman wants attention, resourses, and social status. It is just that simple. Fail to provide her with any one of these and she will turn on you like a rabid dog.

      Learn from us grizzled veterans who have been through the modern gynocentric legal sausage grinder. Only an absolute lunatic fool marries or has a LTR with a woman in the 21st century. Use your head like she does. Get educated and do a risk/reward analysis. Good luck, you are going to need it. Cheers.

      1. Thanks John for your concern.

        I am aware of all these possibilities and I refuse to let the idea be that men are fine but women are all evil rule the day. People are people. Sure, many are so dumb they cut off their noses to spite their faces but that cannot be the totality of the human race. To think otherwise can only lead to a very dark and twisted place. MGTOW should not be taking men there or it is simply screwing men over again.

        I have been in a relationship with a lady who seemed lovely but really was a bit like you say and was unable to see past herself. I know what that looks and smells like. I have been with girls who start out great then start to revert to form so I know what that looks and smells like. Sure there is a reason this lady came adrift from her former relationship, and I know that. I will be interested in meeting the ex as that will tell me things, As will meeting her family and friends.

        Yes it is possible she is, in fact, more of the same and her and the state may decide to screw me over. But it may also be a wonderful thing for us both. I am happy to take that risk, with eyes well open.

        All the best to you on your path.

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