MGTOW and the Barrows of Boredom

It has been over a year since I wrote my MGTOW article. I wrote that for myself. It was really a diary entry, I also wrote it so that maybe it could be of interest, or use for, someone else. It seems it did somehow as all this time later it is actually one of… Continue reading MGTOW and the Barrows of Boredom


Adult Aspie & Work

Getting Work is Hard and Keeping it Sometimes Impossible I wrote this article and offered it to a national Autism body for their blog. Sadly after many months, I haven't heard a word from them so I assume they are disinterested. Might as well publish it here. Most employment agencies that work in the space… Continue reading Adult Aspie & Work

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Toccata & Fugue in D Minor – Bach

https://youtu.be/ZHlRJxas8EY It was 50 years ago today (well almost) Wendy Carlos released what was to be for ages the best selling Classical record of all time called "Switched-On Bach". For a while, it was even outselling The Beatles! The Moog Modular was in its infancy. Wendy was pals with Bob Moog and they traded ideas… Continue reading Toccata & Fugue in D Minor – Bach


Feminism vs MGTOW – The Failure of Marriage

This post really has nothing to do with music. I write these as they help me get my thoughts straight. Also it is a way for me to communicate with the world. I have been looking a bit into MGTOW lately. That means Men Going Their Own Way. While it has suddenly exploded on YouTube,… Continue reading Feminism vs MGTOW – The Failure of Marriage


Albums that could only have happened in the 80’s

The 80's was a special decade in popular music as it created things that just wouldn't or couldn't have happened at any other time. Some of the reasons are technology, some are social. The main technologies to affect music in the 80's were affordable Synthesizers, Samplers, and the Music Video. The social events were fear of Nuclear… Continue reading Albums that could only have happened in the 80’s


Aspergers – Adult Living With It

Aspergers. I feel like I always knew the word - I kinda knew it was related to being a bit "special" but not much more. Turns out I have Aspergers, an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Reality is a lot of people do, and particularly musicians it seems. This will be a really long article. If you have… Continue reading Aspergers – Adult Living With It


Why Android Isn’t Winning

Androids should be able to beat Apples to a pulp easily. They are technically superior and, if have read the right web articles, even have greater superiority of numbers. But they aren't leading the market. Why? Simple answer. Heart. Android has so much potential, they lay a claim to openness and universality so there alone an Android device should… Continue reading Why Android Isn’t Winning