Route 750 ReFill for Reason

Route 750 Combi Promo

Route 750 describes a blending of the number of patches in the ReFill and a local Bus Route. The number & Google being the only connection as this ReFill has nothing do with busses & trains.

A year’s worth of Patch making (independent of albums made). This started as a back to basics Sample & Synthesize project. Reason 10 with Europa & Grain came out and I really got busy, suddenly I had a whole new way to use those samples. I haven’t counted Reason 10 based patch numbers but best you have Reason 10 I think. Otherwise, Reason 8.2 is the minimum requirement. BTW I Love Europa & Grain.


What you get (by category – solo synths and Combinators):

  • Route 750 SplashBass: 76
  • Bell: 43
  • Brass: 42
  • Drums: 6
  • Lead: 26
  • Organ: 16
  • Pad: 163
  • Piano: 50
  • Poly: 156
  • Sequence: 27
  • Sound Effect: 49
  • String: 70
  • Voice: 39
  • Effects Unit: 21
  • Samples: 63

Do the math and you’ll see I’m not good at counting at all: 763 Sounds, 21 Effect Units = 784 + those 63 Samples.

You will notice that this collection is pretty heavy on Pads & general Polyphonic sounds. Have a listen to my music and you have some sort of idea of the kinds of things you are likely to find. I don’t make genre-specific sounds so these sounds can find a place in whatever style you make.

Many patches have Modulation applied to Mod Wheel, Aftertouch or both. Have a waggle to see how the sound changes. Most patches also respond quite broadly to Velocity as well. All patches have been tested and calibrated to adhere to -12db so hot-swapping in a mix is unlikely to give scary results.

Fine Print: ReFill for Reason 8.2 or higher, Reason 10 highly recommended. Some patches will have some Rack Extensions used. Many will be free devices, some not. Most patches will still operate without those devices so all will not be lost. Also paid REs are not commonly used so if you don’t happen to have that device then consider that a bonus patch – remember that my count is off so you’re winning anyway 😉 It has come to my attention that currently REs can’t same sample location properly so the first time you open any loose instances of Grain, they will look for the Sample. This will only happen once. Grain inside of a Combi won’t do this.


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