FM Fancies – Algoritm ReFill FM Fancies is a ReFill for the Algoritm FM Synthesizer Rack Extension for Reason Studios Reason. As the name indicates (in my own special way) these sounds have an emphasis on being beautiful rather than that hard "paint-stripper" thing. PurchaseFMFancies$19 Reason StudiosShop The ReFill contains 88 sounds for Algoritm. Most of those sounds are … Continue reading FM Fancies – Algoritm ReFill

D-Lineate ReFill

D-Lineate ReFill D-Lineate is a ReFill for the Propellerheads Reason platform with an emphasis on features found in the Reason 10 release (Europa, Grain etc). There are over 340 patches across several categories: Pads: 118Poly: 61Strings: 49Sound Effects: 30Brass: 23Leads: 19Pianos: 16Bass: 14Drums: 14 There are also the 16 Casio CZ inspired sounds I made … Continue reading D-Lineate ReFill