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Space Case LogoThis page contains supporting material for the Space Case Collection of Instruments & Effects (VST). I considered putting it all on the main page but there is enough there already so it would simply have become a horrid mess. This page won’t look much better but it is supporting material like videos and a free Demo Instrument.

I have been experimenting with how to best create videos with the gear I have so each is a little different.

If you want to purchase Space Case, please head to the sales page and if you want the VST, remember to include that in the message to me so I can send you the link.


These cover the main Space Case instruments and effects

Space Synth 101 + overview on using Space Delay 101 and Space Reverb 101

Space Synth 102

Space Strike + a rant/warning about the dangers of using “the same samples”

Space Tone – a walkthrough and some ideas of things you can do with Space Tone that are less likely to work with a traditional EQ.

This one is a look at Track #2 from the album that shows you the instruments, effects and CV Modulations. Don’t forget to turn on sound (bottom right) as this is a Facebook video.

Space String

Space String is a free unit to give you a sense of how I have built these devices and to check that they work for you in your Host of choice.

Space String

Download Space String – VST 2 64 Bit Windows

Space String gives you 4 Oscillators that can be Detuned & Widened in traditional ways. The unique feature is in how each of the Osc can have Vibrato applied individually. This lets you use Space String like a String Quartet and have each Player apply unique Vibrato. This can make for a much less “synthy’ sound.

This video is the Manual for the Space String unit.

Space Case Cover 2If you want to purchase Space Case, please head to the sales page and if you want the VST collection, remember to include that in the message to me so I can send you the link.

Have fun 🙂


Q. Can I use Space Case to make Octo-Core Viking-Dub? – Yeah sure, why not. If you know what the hell that sub-sub-genre is then you know what sounds you want so have at it. You sure don’t need my permission. If you are asking if I already made all the presets you need then nope. This collection is about making something that you can call your own. There are demo patches in ReFill format for Reason 9.5+ in the Collection download that can help you or you can watch the videos above to see techniques. Of course, there is a Manual in the collection too.

Q. Will the devices work in my copy of Ableton Live – I really don’t know. This is why I offer Space String for free so you can try. I assume you know your Host and what you can and can’t do in it. If your Host has some sort of Modulation system like Reason’s CV and it doesn’t have a hissy fit with SynthEdit creations in general then you should be laughing. These are 64 Bit VST 2 (to match Reason’s requirements) so just check your Host will play with them and have a try.

Q. Will there be Mac versions because Apple computers are better than anything else, except perhaps VW cars and not offering Mac versions makes me feel discriminated against i bet you voted for Trump? – Yeah cool, I’m happy for you. Oh, Mac versions? Right now SynthEdit doesn’t have that capability but it is appearing on the horizon and I am investigationing.

O. Why only $5 as your work is truly great and worth sooooo much more? – I am flattered. Yes, I agree. Each unit took about 3 days to build so that is $150 a day at minimum wage, and developing useful devices is not exactly minimum wage work. So $500 for each device x 7 for the collection = $3,000 is about right. Lucky Bandcamp has a “more if you want to option”. Yes I underprice and maybe some people think that means the product isn’t worth much, can’t keep up with their Syiremra VST or whatever. I know at $5 you get great value and hope that makes you say good things about me on Facebook etc.

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