Synth Oscillator Waveforms – from simple Analog Shapes to complex Digital Synthesis

This article is really a holder for a series of YouTube videos that discuss the waveforms you work with in a synthesizer.

Basic Analog Shapes

This video covers the four common shapes used in pretty well all Analog (and VA) synths: Sine, Triangle, Saw & Square (incl Pulse).

the video graphic

Digital Synthesis

Digital synthesis scares a lot of people but in reality it is just like analog synthesis only you have more control over the wave shapes. In pure digital synthesis you can even build the the exact wave shapes or tones you want just with an oscillator shape – and no filter!


Wave Shaping is a term that is normally reserved for those mathematical functions you use to uglify your sound – but never really understand. I show you here how the idea of wave shaping is a lot broader than you probably think not only in what it is but in how you might use it to get lovely results.

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