Isabel of Grey Abbey

Isabel of Grey Abbey is a true concept album as it works to a clearly defined story. The story is in the form of a classic Gothic style morality tale. Don’t expect Goth or Metal as the musical style – even though I was influenced by King Diamond’s albums.

All the music and artwork was done by myself. I wanted to work with a visual artist but I had no luck the few times I reached out. That meant I had to either shelve this in hope someone came along or get it done. I chose the latter.

Background: Grey Abbey is a real place in Ireland. This story is not related in any other way than there was an abbey built there in the (then new) Gothic style which is now a ruin.

The Story

The ghosts of Isabel and her rabbit are commonly seen around the Abbey to this day.


whole album video with art

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  1. Incredible piece of work, glad I stumbled across it.

    I have not even started with the video yet, what a treat this is, thanks and kudos for your efforts!

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