How Garbage Becomes Good

My last article was about how much of the “support” material we see is doing more damage than good, little did I realize the impact it would have.

All The Voices

Since watching a couple of these videos on how to “how to make garbage”, as research my YouTube Recommended Viewing has swerved massively from better providers & quality acts to almost completely purveyors of garbage.

It took about a year to have a fair percentage of the recommendations be of interest/value to me but overnight that was almost completely undone and replaced with videos from incompetents doing shitty work.

This isn’t some person at YouTube getting their own back at me, it is how the system is set up. The assumption is that popular is good. If MC GarbageScow gets lots of fast views & comments, the algoriddim assumes that I must want to see it too based on the commonality of a few keywords like “music” or “synth” as opposed to any sense of the true value of the material.

This floods the world with cheap, easy garbage. Ensures that it is a self-replicating system seeing that suddenly I am no longer seeing Nektar, Kush, or other quality material; just some nobody (because they never did anything but make vids about how pro they are) saying useless things for a few clicks of affiliate links.

None of this is about telling a story or making the world a better place.

Because it is all that we see, because it is easy, this culture of garbage becomes the norm.

I Send A Message

I want to see a new act doing something interesting. I discovered Destroyer, Yarin Yalnizlik & the Julia Hülsmann Quartet from YouTube recommendations.

I want to see an old act doing something interesting. I rediscovered Triumph, Demon & Camel through YouTube recommendations.

I am happy to hear about new tools in my workspace. A new version of UVI Falcon, a new delay line from Valhalla, maybe even finally uhe Zebra 3.0???

I really enjoy getting comforts from the past like Duran Duran, Scandal w. Patty Smyth of course, Iron Maiden…

Original Sin

Adam & Eve got tossed from Eden from tasting of the tree of knowledge. This moved humans from being like animals, aimlessly happy and settled in their day to day to full self-awareness which gave them access to their God-like powers.

It got hard for them. Cain really suffered for this. We still do today.

What is the point in having such wonderful access to the amazing things that humans can do and instead ensuring that only the worst that we can do is available?

Worse, that only the worst that we can do is the ONLY material or method allowed?

Sure, living in garbage is easy. But garbage is supposed to go in the bin because it is going to hurt us, poison us to be still having it around.

Having standards may be a bit harder than not but not having standards means that nothing greater than garbage can be done/made.

The ending of Wall-E is about this very thing. The humans had to take responsibility and get up off their fat asses or all they would ever be is carted about by a deranged robot whilst slurping smoothies.

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