Thortfulness ReFill

Thortfulness ReFill
Thortfulness ReFill

The sounds in the Thortfulness ReFill are focused on EBM and Horror Movie score patches.

Thortfulness (thor-t-fulness: the act of being full of Thor) is a ReFill for the Reason Studios Reason platform. The only real technical requirement is Thor. Combinators are used to wrap some effects where vital to the sound.

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The combined EBM (Front 242, Neon Judgment, etc) + Horror Movie music theme may make it seem a strange patch bank but, as is my style, I build sounds that are open to broad usage so they are versatile. The idea is that these are like the colors in the tube, it is up to you how you use and mix them. Grey and Dark Blue are useful even in Pop.

EBM Primer + Tuorial

Deliberately veering away from being just another analog emulation patch bank, I have focused a lot on Phase Modulation (CZ-1000) and Frequency Modulation (DX-7) as the synthesis method. This is fitting too as many of the EBM acts were using the new “hard” sound that these devices delivered to great effect. Even today, FM is a big part of the sound of Industrial dance acts.

Purchase at the Reason Shop: $19

Your StellaR ReFill is a great “go-to”. Patches are practical and not overly elaborate or niche.

Andy Hyde

Audio Demos

I asked the ever-wonderful Slava of EBM band FHTH to knock up a real modern EMB track using only Thortfulness sounds in Reason and he completely knocked it sideways with Visions Of Future World:

FHTH – Visions Of Future World

My background was in EBM/Industrial as I started in that form under the name Aeroplastic Voice. In these two demos, I revisited that form a little.

Demo 02
Demo 01
think+sync – Censorship 21

Purchase at the Reason Shop: $19


Why are patches so oddly named? I am a firm believer in synchronicity or happy accidents which are not accidents at all. If the best bass patch was named “Best Bass Patch Eva” you would reach for that same sound every time seeing it was the safe choice. With more unusual naming your creative brain has to engage. You are more likely to audition more patches with your best eva bass line and therefore be open to finding a more “magical” fit. With the more open part of your brain in-the-game, you will be filing away more interesting answers for unasked questions that will come back later when they are the right answer. This will see you grabbing this ReFill without quite knowing why and “stumbling” on the perfect sound.

Why do patches that appear to be named for a certain band/song not sound right? Ahhh, so you didn’t read the answer above. Naming is a deliberate game. Some like “Room With Flourecents” are fairly obvious as they tell you exactly the scene I was thinking as I made them. Others are really broad. A few like “Sneaky Dakota” and “Train In Rain” are just veiled references. Again, see the answer above.

You say EBM, isn’t that like dead man? Only for people who have never listened to it. And One, Die Krupps, Cruxshadows, God Module, VNV Nation, FHTH (see demo above) etc are still active. EBM is one of the donor forms for Techno. Last I checked Graeme Revel of SPK is still making movie scores. I am listening to Lionel Ritchie’s “Can’t Slow Down” album as I type this and even he uses a TR-808!

Why don’t more patches have more performance control? Many of these sounds push Thor pretty hard into ‘crevices’ so performance variations are not always possible lest they break the target sound.

Why are the drum sounds mushy? That like sucks my dude. The second part of that isn’t a Q, just being judgmental. This is 100% pure synthesis and you are used to hearing either samples or heavily processed patches in a mix – often unholy layers of both. This is your job to do. If you like the core patch but not the movement then hammer it, sample it and hammer it again. It is now your sound. EBM is an experimental form so get to it.

Are Nitzer Ebb aware you stole some of their artwork style for your cover? I sure hope so. I would be delighted if they knew they made my days a little better.

I need support? Have you considered better underwear? Oh sorry, you meant we have a technical* not answered somewhere above. Why not ask on one of my YouTube videos above so not only can I answer you but anyone else who has had similar can chime in with the solution.

*Blatant Gary Numan reference. But only if you are a serious Numanoid. Otherwise probably just seems odd.

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