Lying Back Looking Up

Lying Back Looking Up is a set of tracks based around the idea of lying on the ground and looking upwards at the world around. Much as in the same way Vah Gogh and many other Impressionist painters had of seeing the world in a dreamlike state. The pieces are daydreams.

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The pieces were composed in “interesting times” for me. Pandemic kinda over (although we had another lockdown and mask-wearing week or two) we are back trying to recreate lives where we do the things we are good at, only to find this seeming denial of value for quality in favor of a kind of slavery to the worst of people for the worst of reasons. Who wouldn’t want to escape that?

Technically all very simple. Complex times call for simplicity and a form that allows for the freedom that the system calling itself freedom refuses to allow. Reason 11 with Europa, Thor & Subtractor. A few instances of Parsec and Megasaur. A few of Surge and Vital for the sake of it. The video was made in HitFilm Express with plenty of use of Fractal Noise & Atomic Particles.

  1. Castles In The Sky – we love the idea of making clouds appear to take forms when we are kids. We lose that tendency as we get older. Maybe as we can seem to force that onto other things, or just that we are less willing to see what could be.
  2. Southern Heat – afternoon heat leads to evening storms that come in from where it is warmer.
  3. Clouds Carried On Winds – clouds are always in motion, always coming from somewhere, going somewhere.
  4. On The Hill Outside Town – we love to sit and let the world pass us by. To feel that we are not really part of all that. That we have some freedom from it. Yet know that in a short time we will be eager to be back in it.
  5. Stained Glass Vigil – something now forgotten made me think of the night that Knights used to spend in vigil (prayer) before being dubbed in their new role.
  6. Lavender & Lilac – Two colors and plants that seem so similar. We lie there in the grass and look up through them. A kind of “rose” colored glasses.
  7. Bluebells & Dandelions – Bluebells are like the flowers above but dandelions are free, they travel. Dandelions cannot be held for long as they have places to be.
  8. Gulls on the Outer Banks Wind – four small moments at different times combined to create this exact combination of a vision, specific to a place I have never been.
  9. Dream About Dreaming – As usual, the album needed an ending, I let what “needed to be” come through.

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