Eternal Battle ReFill for Reason 12

Eternal Battle ReFill Cover
Eternal Battle ReFill Cover

$19 via the Reason Store

The Eternal Battle ReFill is designed with/for Reason 12 with some instances of Mimic & Combinator 2.

The 284 sounds are spread across categories with an emphasis on Polyphonic & Pad sounds. Some sounds are in Combinator 2 form, others are deliberately left as very “raw” NN-XT so you have the most versatility in how you use them – layer, add some effects, and hear the sounds light up as your own. There are quite a few “guitar” type patches in here as I was working on that sort of material. There is also a folder with all the synth+drum patches that could be extracted from my Befell album.

Patch Breakdown:

  • Bass 17
  • Drums 6
  • Lead 6
  • Pad 57
  • Piano 31
  • Poly 87
  • SFX 15
  • Strings 26
  • Befell Album 39

Samples 33

Befell album

Purchase & Support

Purchase and download is $19 via the Reason Studios Store

Please be sure to pop the downloaded (and unzipped) ReFill with your other ReFills. You should now be able to open sounds in the usual way via Reason DAW or the Reason Rack Plugin.

Occasionally the first time you run a sound with a Sample, Reason will ask where samples are. If that happens, don’t panic, show Reason the folder where the samples are in the Eternal Battle ReFill and let it find the sample/s. Once done this will not likely happen again (for the same sample).

If you do have any issues, the best place to be in-contact is generally via one of the videos above on my YouTube. I will be alerted and generally able to reply in about 24 hours.

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