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Samplers As Synthesizers

For any of you who read my blog religiously (yes I know who you are and thanks Jim for always stopping by LOL) you know I have a bit of an obsession with trying to get my digital synths to sound like analog synths. This is not an uncommon obsession as many share it so… Continue reading Samplers As Synthesizers

Doepfer Dark Energy
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Doepfer Dark Energy v.s Reason Thor

I stumbled across this YouTube video of a Doepfer Dark Energy. Honestly I have never paid any attention to this instrument at all. What a doozie! Big, brash and sounds like Larry Fast (or a host of other Moog poking Prog soloers). I had to have one surely - come hither youngest daughter I need… Continue reading Doepfer Dark Energy v.s Reason Thor

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Making Reason more Analog

This article is an answer to a question someone had on the Reason Forum about emulating the warmth of the new KingKORG and especially the Tube that sits glowing on the left. This instrument interests me already as does making Thor and other Reason instruments sound more lively and "organic". So I took the opportunity to go have a play… Continue reading Making Reason more Analog