Machine Room

1991 – album as Aeroplastic Voice

Machine Room
Machine Room

This was my first full length album and shows me broaden my style from simple New Wave into EBM Industrial directions. Technocrat from the Tubeway EP gets a re-working.

In the liner notes I thanked “the machines” which is the first reference I make to machines as though they were my conscious helpers.

Mental Violence is my first super nasty song where everything is horrible. I remember presenting it to my then girlfriend as a love song and she was pretty upset as no doubt she expected something sweet or more likely a Robert Smith pop dirge. I argued that, seeing as it was about love then it was love song. Didn’t work. This showcases my tendency to have a string break where a solo would normally go.

Toxic was based in great part on the sound of the first Single Gun Theory album. The weather forecast was received over my guitar one afternoon. I woke up with my guitar talking as it was picking up AM radio (broken cable + too much overdrive = radio receiver). I recorded this bit and the song started. The female vocal was sung by Kat Trautweiler. My friend knew a female singer and I asked him to bring her over to sing a few things, this and Machine Room for me. I think this may have been her first take after hearing my horrible guide vocal.

Songs on Plastic Anger Aeroplastic Voice Sampler


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