Symphony From The Sewer

1999 - album as Aeroplastic Voice no cover ever finalized The symphony idea I started playing with on Methods Of Transport reappeared here in a twisted way. This whole album came about in irony and twisted intentions. I was tracked down by a fan of my Vector album who was running a local radio show … Continue reading Symphony From The Sewer


1991 - album as Aeroplastic Voice The title came from my readings on germ warfare during The Museum Action project. A vector is the method by which a germ is passed to a victim. I took the concept of a vector to be a carrier of ideas and even culture and merged it with my concerns over organized religion. My sound on this album … Continue reading Vector

The Museum Action

1991 - album as Aeroplastic Voice This started as a band project with Andrew Kuepper (brother of Ed from the The Saints) and Kat Trautweiler under the name of The Museum Action. We only worked together long enough to complete one song "Flags On Bodies" before it was just me again. I decided to keep … Continue reading The Museum Action