1991 - album as Aeroplastic Voice The title came from my readings on germ warfare during The Museum Action project. A vector is the method by which a germ is passed to a victim. I took the concept of a vector to be a carrier of ideas and even culture and merged it with my concerns over organized religion. My sound on this album … Continue reading Vector

Machine Room

1991 - album as Aeroplastic Voice This was my first full length album and shows me broaden my style from simple New Wave into EBM Industrial directions. Technocrat from the Tubeway EP gets a re-working. In the liner notes I thanked "the machines" which is the first reference I make to machines as though they … Continue reading Machine Room

The Horror

1989 - micro-album (7 minutes of horrifying anti-art) Don't take this too seriously. It was done very tongue-in-cheek. I had had my new used Casio CZ-1000 synth for a couple of weeks and just started to work out how to make (well alter really) sounds. I wanted to make an album.The only problem was that … Continue reading The Horror