Sampler – Plastic Anger

2010 - compilation of Aeroplastic Voice Aeroplastic Voice was my first musical moniker. I wrote my first songs in mid to late 1989 and they hit the master tape in 1990. I started making music that probably belonged in 1980, graduated to EBM Industrial and then added grittier aspects as Hard Core and Grunge took … Continue reading Sampler – Plastic Anger

Symphony From The Sewer

1999 - album as Aeroplastic Voice no cover ever finalized The symphony idea I started playing with on Methods Of Transport reappeared here in a twisted way. This whole album came about in irony and twisted intentions. I was tracked down by a fan of my Vector album who was running a local radio show … Continue reading Symphony From The Sewer


1991 - album as Aeroplastic Voice The title came from my readings on germ warfare during The Museum Action project. A vector is the method by which a germ is passed to a victim. I took the concept of a vector to be a carrier of ideas and even culture and merged it with my concerns over organized religion. My sound on this album … Continue reading Vector

The Horror

1989 - micro-album (7 minutes of horrifying anti-art) Don't take this too seriously. It was done very tongue-in-cheek. I had had my new used Casio CZ-1000 synth for a couple of weeks and just started to work out how to make (well alter really) sounds. I wanted to make an album.The only problem was that … Continue reading The Horror