Works In Proto-Techno

1996 – album as Column 3-57

Works In Proto-Techno
Works In Proto-Techno

I read some William Gibson around this time and it shows in the titles. The album title comes from trying to explain my music to people. I was writing Techno – technological music like Kraftwerk and Front 242 did – but my techno wasn’t the Doof dance music everyone was listening to.

The first track Virgo 12 put a name to the planet visited on Otherworld Sky and in turn lead to the later album concept, SpaceShip. The idea of Virgo 12 stayed with me for a while as did the reference to the tubes in the tag which became important in MachineFall.

Tag: One day I heard the machines crying. There’s warmth in the tubes. Somewhere.

Regenerator is very simple and relies on a motif  that repeats. I managed to get this to work with a (for me) big kick drum because the music is so stripped back.

Piece on Collonades Column 3-57 Sampler

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