Column 3-57

Sampler – Collonades

2010 - compilation of Column 3-57 Column 3-57 was my reinvention as a Proto-Techno artist. I combined elements of my Aeroplastic Voice and Benedict musics into one style that attempted to find my holy grail. In places I got much closer and there is much that I made that I am still proud of. Eventually… Continue reading Sampler – Collonades

Column 3-57

Gods Of The Desert

1999 - album as Column 3-57 In many ways this should have been a released under my full name but I hadn't quite gotten comfortable with just being me; old habits etc. Either way it was a major threshold/watershed album for me and it got me attention from people who would normally never listen to… Continue reading Gods Of The Desert

Column 3-57

A Sea Called Solaris

1999 - data album as Column 3-57 The theme is taken from the novel Solaris by Stanisław Lem. Each of the pieces attempts to capture the emotions that are so well handled in the book (although not well in any of the English language film adaptations). Musically I composed this in the same manner as series:1:2 with most tracks made in… Continue reading A Sea Called Solaris