Utopian Societies

1997 – album as Column 3-57

Utopian Societies
Utopian Societies

The album title refers to the fact that I am a total idealist and had been reading Asimov stories and fell in love with many of his Utopian visions.

When I realized I had a couple of untitled pieces I decided to give every track on the album a Utopia Number that preceded the actual name so each track has a Utopia # and then a title, except for two pieces which never got titles. The idea that there could be a menu of utopias to choose from appeals to me, as I guess it does to all of us if we dare admit it.

The Android Ice Skating was my favorite image from this album.

Utopia 0964  (untitled) got a release on a compilation out of Melbourne (after I visited). I think most of the other artists hated my track as it sounded so different to theirs. I must admit it was generally mutual. I made $54 that year from that release.

Later I used Robot Labour (a reference to The Human League EP) for the final credits on the 27th film I scored.

Tag: Utopia is where you find it. Unfortunately most of us are lost.

Utopia 497 is an untitled piece. On the cover this track was actually labelled as *. Musically it is typical Column 3-57 with a simple motif and some unusual passing notes.

Piece on Collonades Column 3-57 Sampler

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