Afternoons In Foreign Climates

1998 – album as Column 3-57

I decided to think about this album the same way I did 1st Campaign and just do what I wanted to do. Clearly trying to skew my sound to suit others didn’t work for me. I guess it worked out because I got a few more fans with this record than with the ones before.

This is the first record I made to have most of its pieces rooted in the dreamy or romantic side of me. Looking back I see that this the area I have always been strongest as an artist.

The great thing is that looking back at it from the perspective of 20 years, I still really like this work (unlike much of the mid 00’s stuff). My lesson then is to remember to be true to my own muse and not write what I hope people (who are disinterested anyway) might want (if I begged enough).

Space (Between Spaces) was one of the first pieces written and was a surprise to me. It is simple but has a feeling of longing to it that grows with the piece.

Artificial machines with Artificial Intelligence
think Artificial Thoughts of Artificial Times
and Artificial Places.

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