1998 – album as Column 3-57


Enemy/State is a funny album for me to have made at the time. No one wanted long pieces but that was exactly what I found myself writing. Initially I figured they would be left on the cutting floor but not to be and Enemy/State was released. That said I am not sure anyone has ever listened to the album but me.

The title and tag reflect the way one state or country seems to be able to define itself by its neighbors and particularly its enemies. I am not a fan of any form of Nationalism as it always seems to lead to oppression and war.

Enemy/State Part II was actually written first and I have always preferred that piece. The other part is in many ways a copy of this piece in that I keep the same form and progression of ideas which I think made it a little less inspired.

Either way, there will always be something special to me in this piece and album.

Tag: The state of the enemy of the state defines the apparent health of the state.

Excerpt on Collonades Column 3-57 Sampler

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