Operating Electronic Machinery

1998 – album as Column 3-57

Operating Electronic Machinery
Operating Electronic Machinery

SpaceShip didn’t take off like I hoped. Matter of fact no one seemed interested at all. The world was still (as it seems now) in the grip of doof fever. These pieces went back to a poppier approach with mostly short pieces all about computers.

The album starts with a song about being a 5.25″ Floppy Disc Drive! The idea that we used this tetchy technology to store our memories amused me. Also that we are very keen to use things like photographs to define our pasts into safe boxes that we can put away when we don’t want to go there.

In League With Machines (fighting the hands that bleed) is one of the longer pieces that finishes this album. Musically it merges Berlin School arpeggio riffs with my simpler motif based style. I think it grows well and is a powerful piece in itself as it builds a strong tension through repetition and small breaks. The vocal line is a parody of “biting the hand that feeds”.

Tag: Thanks to The Machines for their special support during a difficult time for me by just going on. Something that I have to learn to do; till then…

Piece on Collonades Column 3-57 Sampler

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