1997 – album as Column 3-57

Original Cassette Cover

SpaceShip felt like a watershed album for me. I suddenly felt I had done better with melody than I have ever before. I was also expanding on my themes from Otherworld Sky and pieces like Virgo 12. This record gives an indication of the music I would make in 10 years time.

This album is the first where I would not only use a sound that was almost “real” (the brass which was in great part a sample on a Roland JV-880 module) but use the same sound as a theme over the whole album. This may seem an obvious thing to many but to me it was breaking my cardinal rules of new sounds for every piece and no real instruments at all. This change let me develop better musical skills as I had to make the notes used do more work, to make the pieces do their jobs in the story arc.

Tag: There is life in space – our imaginations

Firing The Main Engines is the third piece in the story and the momentous point of committing to the journey.

Piece on Collonades Column 3-57 Sampler

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