The Life Complex

2000 – album as Column 3-57

The Life Complex
Front Cover

I had been fascinated with the Hermetic Qabalah for some years. I never got all white-robed and candle-burning about it like some musicians a few years later. Being a bit logical, the system part of it appealed to me,  I was fascinated in how it creates a metaphysical model of our psychology.

To be suitably anti-mystical I drew my tree using Photoshop in the the form of a folder on the desktop of my Apple Mac with files as my Spheres. If you check the time at the top right you’ll see my tip to Iron Maiden and our mushroom-cloud ending at the hands of the Doomsday Clock.

Tree Of Life
Back Cover
The Pleasures of Zero

The Other day
I turned my radio dial
Way off to the left
Way off past the end
And there ws nothing there
Nothing but hiss and whine

I hoped for a revelation
Some voice telling secrets
But there wasn't one
Just hiss and whine

I spoke into my radio
But then I realized
There was no one listening
And I'm only set to receive

Form is the point where nothingness starts to become somethingness. Not an easy concept for most of us to grasp.

Balance is what we all hope for. It lives in the few moments that the see-saw of life finds equilibrium. There is majesty and beauty, subtlety and delicacy all at once.

Pieces on Growings Benedict Roff-Marsh Sampler

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