The Edge Of Transmission

Edge is the underbelly of my idyllic Virgo 12. If there is a place of beauty and sanctuary, there is always a place of last resort; the end of the railway line that glitters with false hope as someone once described Queensland’s Gold Coast in being the destination of choice for runaway teens. Interestingly, 18 years later and I live on the Gold Coast (but not the glitzy bit).

The Edge Of Transmission
Original Cover

Edge is that world out on the fringe of known space that attracts the loners and otherwise troubled. The dive nightclub where people are interesting and dangerous (often more to themselves than anyone else).

That said the music here is more up-tempo or pop than many of my albums. In many ways this album picks up right where The Life Complex leaves off, almost as though they could be a double album –   in concept at least.

Ships That Pass In Flight is based in some sense on the idea in the Lime song, Unexpected Lovers where people meet, have a few moments then pass on from each other. Musically it is simple and influenced by Acid House.

Energy Pulse Transmissions is something that I manage to get right once in a while, pure pop. Classic Space Pop if ever there was.

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