2003 – albums as Benedict Roff-Marsh

The 3 albums from 2003 are now completely lost. I have the CDs but they will not play much more than static. The music is unrecoverable.

In some ways this makes me sad but I do have to be honest and admit that these albums weren’t my best. I struggled to write what I wanted. I struggled to find the technology I wanted, the sound I wanted and the melodies.


Is, as the name suggests, a collection of three projects into one. I had three possible albums in the can and none felt right so I rolled up the best tracks and made a album to let myself move on. Interestingly two track titles reference the first Duran Duran album and one The End Of The Circuit.

Lonely Midnight

I think the title may well have been appropriate here as I recall many of the pieces being somewhat cold, dark and a little bleak. I still like the cover a lot.

Slow Vision Traffics

The title may well have been reference to my growing frustration with selling to people who didn’t seem to want to fully participate in what should otherwise be an exciting time – buying a new car. I made a copy of this album for myself with a 2nd CD, Tales Of Time that was three long pieces.

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