Benedict Roff-Marsh

The End Of The Circuit

Sadly this CD is now effectively unreadable so the music has returned from whence it came.

The End Of The Circuit

I knew that this was to be the last record I ever made with hardware synthesizers involved. I could see the time had come to switch to a fully software studio. Part of this was the march of technology but a major change at this time was that I took up full time work, in the car industry of all things.

I had never seen myself selling anything but it was a family business and in reality I took to it rather well for some years. This took a lot of my writing time and attention away so the ability to save my whole session and open it later was a boon. To be honest I don’t see this album as a high point for me.

I tried very hard to make this album work but overall I made something that is mysterious but not fully pleasing.

Passover is a dark track and is typical of my earlier transition tracks.

Riding The Electric Wave shows a slightly electro vibe.

Pieces on Growings Benedict Roff-Marsh Sampler


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