Breaks Between Pauses

2004 – album as Benedict Roff-Marsh

Breaks Between Pauses
Breaks Between Pauses

The music from this album is almost entirely lost to a failing CD burn. Only one track was able to be rescued. The cover was also not meant to be pink but that was the only toner left willing to print.

Musically I think the title and the fact that most pieces were unnamed says a lot about how I felt about this project. I am driven to complete so I did. My antipathy was used in the packaging.

As a matter of interest, I have had losses of my music for all the years I have composed, 25+ years and counting. Initially I would get very upset at all the time and work lost. Then it dawned on me that the pieces that were lost in drive crashes, and other acts of gods I don’t believe in, were things that really weren’t very good. It was like a part of me could cause an editing my conscious mind couldn’t accept. The one track from this album that survives in a playable state was always the best track.

Corn Fields with a violin part using my free-form technique and then swaps to a structured arpeggio which uses a vaguely guitar sound. The two sounds come back together at the end. The noise brings in the openness of a corn field.

Piece on Growings Benedict Roff-Marsh Sampler

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