New Growths

The New Growths album was so named because I could feel myself coming back from the lost place of the last few years/albums. It isn’t my best album I’m sure but I was enjoying composing again. I had switched to an up and coming developer’s software. Really it was only half finished but his simplicity and vision made it easy to use and most of all creative.

The album was split into 4 themes with 4 pieces each:

1. Pulses
2. Geometry & Color Change
3. Markers on the Beam
4. The Hydrogen Beat
Ships of Space
5. Ships of Space
6. Across the Ether
7. Space Folds
8. Return to Virgo 12
9. Mechanics
10. A Soft Factory
11. Passing Edge
12. The Gold Mill
13. Climates
14. Tropical Night
15. Empty Rooms
16. An Open Window

17. Rise & Fall

“Across The Ether” is a really open piece that dips into the idea of passing through the space between two fixed states.

In “A Soft Factory”, several very electronic motifs and effects move around a central line, like workers on a production line.

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