My Electric Country

My life was on a point of change during making this album. One change I was fully aware of (a new partner) but the other, while I had felt its symptoms, I hadn’t acknowledged. Looking back I see a growing sense of isolation in my day job is shown in many of these tracks, they often hark back to my earlier years and influences.

The album name is taken from the track of the same name and the cover shows the second meaning. My music is an expression of my internal life.

I was also really engrossing myself in a lot of Country Music. While I grew up with some, I hadn’t really explored the purer forum. I totally fell in love with it and was exploring the classics and newer material.

Sadly I didn’t feel I could express any of that here. I tried to use some New Wave song forms but like everything I was doing at that time, it feels too diffuse & unstructured to me overall now.

Take Tonight sees me revisit the idea of a song in the way I fell into as Column 3-57. I’m such a poor singer but still love the extra value that words ca give in expressing ideas. I think my love for John Foxx has a lot to do with this style of songwriting.

Sitting Amongst Tower & Stars was written after one of those after-work beer & finger food events our new inline boss insisted we all go to for ‘team building’. Of course, I sat alone, ignored as I was talked over (yay for being Aspie). I hated the posh venue full of city execs posturing over their overpriced foreign beers but being roofless, the view was nice.

London Rocks was written in response to the terror attacks in London, to follow up on 9/11 in America.

Equilibrium Regain has obvious Brian Eno/Harold Budd leanings.

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